Norton Waterstone Sharpening Starter Kit
Norton Norton
  • Norton Waterstone Sharpening Starter Kit

Norton Waterstone Sharpening Starter Kit

The Norton Waterstone Sharpening Starter Kit utilizes water as a lubricant providing a clean, easier way to sharpen tools.

2 Combination grit stones offer a range of grits from 220/1000 for edge repair, to 4000/8000 for a mirror-like final finish. Each waterstone is packaged in a molded, stackable, hard plastic storage case with rubber feet that secures each stone while sharpening.

A third coarse grit, silicon carbide flattening stone makes it an easy task to resurface the waterstones. Simply rub a well-soaked waterstone over the the V-grooved surface. Then rinse away the removed slurry.

An included DVD demonstrates a step by step, freehand method for sharpening many woodworking tools.

The 220, 1000, and 4000 grit stones should be soaked in water before use. The 8000 stone only needs a small spray of water.

Stones measure: 8" x 3" x 1"

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Waterstones are a man-made sharpening stone designed to be softer than an oilstone. The softer grade of stone allows it to be used with water as the lubricant versus oil to develop a fast cutting slurry. The Norton Waterstone System was designed in a carefully planned sequence to create sharpening efficiency. You get the level of abrasiveness you need at each stage.

BRAND: Norton
Type: Tool Sharpening
4.7 3

simply excellent as expected, thank you!


purchased for fine sharpening of tools used to build musical instruments, flawless performance, much appreciated.


fort wayne, indiana


Great System - Great Price


Everything you need to keep chisels and plane irons razor sharp. [...] Price the best I could find.

Jules Fine Furniture

Chicago, IL


Great Product


I was looking for a Water Stone set to sharpen some chisels and plane irons I recently acquired. I researched online and Norton came up often as the set to look at. I have to agree... I am very pleased with the water stones. I would suggest adding a honing guide for repeatable fool-proof results. I bought the Veritas MK2 honing guide and am glad I did. The combination of the honing guide and these water stones had me shaving my arm with my chisels and plane irons in a few hours. The only drawback was that the flatening stone included was not perfectly flat on the front side with the grooves. I ended up using the back side of it to flatten my water stones as it was much closer to actually being flat. I think I am going to invest in a diamond flattening stone or a piece of glass and sandpaper for the future. Overall it is an awesome product and Jamestown Distributors had the best price going at the time of my purchase.


Houston, Tx


Norton Waterstone Sharpening Starter Kit



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