Norton India Single Grit Bench Oilstones
Norton Norton
  • Norton India Single Grit Bench Oilstones

Norton India Single Grit Bench Oilstones

Norton India Single Grit Bench Oilstones are manufactured with aluminum oxide abrasive and are preferred for imparting durable, smooth-cutting edges and for close tolerances. Orange/brown in color. Available in coarse, medium, and fine grits.
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  • India - Smooth cutting aluminum oxide abrasive
  • Long lasting cutting edge
  • The choice of artisans, craftsmen and mechanics
  • Ideal for clean deburring, generating keen edges and quality finishes


Norton India man-made/synthetic stones are manufactured with abrasives graded to a consistent particle size, blended with selected bonding agents, molded to shape, and finished to exacting surface configurations.

Norton offers a line of both synthetic (Crystolon and India) and Natural (Hard and Soft Arkansas) abrasive benchstones. Choose one stone or a sequence of stones to quickly restore the cutting edge on all straight-edge tools.

All oil stones are porous in nature. Oil is required to keep the pores open and working efficiently.

Typical applications include restoring the cutting edge on straight-edged tools such as chisels, plane blades, wood lathe cutters, draw knives, spoke shaves, knives, and precision tools and delicate instruments.

BRAND: Norton
Type: Tool Sharpening
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