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KiwiGrip Non-Skid Deck Coating

KiwiGrip is a durable, non-skid deck coating system developed by New Zealand yachtsmen specifically for use on boats. Most other traction or anti slip coatings are simply repackaged industrial products.

This hard acrylic polymer provides a durable, homogeneous, elastic surface. It spreads quickly and easily. By using one of KiwiGrip's proprietary rollers (sold separately) and by varying application technique, the texture can be adjusted from fine to aggressive for the right amount of traction.

In late 2011, KiwiGrip introduced a new, improved formulation for longer working time and improved color retention. Note: the cream color is now a slightly different shade compared to earlier batches.

Receive a free 4 inch Kiwigrip Roller cover with any Quart or Gallon size purchase. Roller cage not included.

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  • Low-glare, IR reflective finish
  • Homogenous color that won't wear through and expose filler materials
  • UV stabilizer for consistent color
  • Vary texture by application technique used
  • Apply over wood, fiberglass, epoxy, concrete, or metal
  • Rolls over other worn non-skid surfaces nicely
  • Non-toxic, no volatile solvents, very low VOC
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Complete, detailed ''how-to'' instructions come with every can
  • Coverage: 20 sq. ft. per quart; 80 sq. ft. per gallon


How is KiwiGrip different from traditional non-skid coatings?

Most non-skid surfaces are created by mixing in a gritty additive during the painting process. This makes it tricky to get the additive-to-coating ratio right. In addition, the non-slip properties wear away with time and use.

Because KiwiGrip is a single part with no additives, it suffers none of the problems associated with non-skid paints that use sand, walnut shells, beads, rubber fleck, or other fillers. Anti-skid coatings with fillers tend to wear through and the fillers fall out. This makes decks slippery, hard to clean, and hard to recoat.

While you can apply it with a brush, there are rollers designed specifically for KiwiGrip. Using these rollers lets you work faster and easier than traditional spraying. The gel finish dries to form tiny peaks and valleys that form a high-traction surface impervious to the elements. Fine tuning the aggressiveness and amount of traction provided is as easy as using the rollers to change the size of the peaks and valleys.

BRAND: KiwiGrip
Type: Anti-Slip Covering
4.5 86

Color change


Is there a way to add tini to your product to make the grey darker


Braselton Georgia

Good stuff


I like this paint, I would recommend it for and non skid deck surfaces. I relocated some sail tracks on my boat and after filling old holes with epoxy and sand in surfaces the kiwi grip went on and sealed my deck. Great texture also.




Love this product


Did deck with this, looks beautiful and feels great under foot!


Fairhaven Ma


Best deck surface!


Easy prep. Easy application. Fast cure. Impervious to most chemicals. Attractive. No slip!


Oak Island, NC


Best Non Skid


Kiwi grip beats all other non skids on the market. Easy to put down. Easy to clean up. Can be color matched for your own custom color. All around the best non skid I have ever used.

Aqua Therapy

Orange Beach AL


I would NOT recommend this product


Most reviews are written shortly after product application.Yes, the grip is great and the first year or so still looks pretty good, But, after a couple or three years, the grip is still is impossible to keep clean.It looks terrible after the third and fourth year. No matter what I use or how hard I scrub it will not clean up.


Vancouver Island BC


Great for easy nonskid application to any surface


Great product, just make sure you want it to stay. Very tough and lasts a long time


Charleston, S.C.

Interesting stuff


Colors - yes you can tint to the color desired - however - the 3% maximum volume of tint limits you to approximately 4 ounces of tint to a gallon can. This means you cannot achieve darker more vibrant colors with this product. Also paint stores are really reluctant to work with you on this.Coverage - Yes the coverage listed is accurate - however this will give you a really thin and largely unsatisfactory job. I ended up using 5 gallons of product to achieve the desire thickness and appearance on my 20 x 8 pontoon deck. It does however look great.

Dexter Dachshund

Fargo, ND


New use for KiwiGrip


I've used KiwiGrip on my boat and it works as expected. However, I am also using it to patch cracks in my home's sheetrock. In the past, I'd patch it with mud and paint, but it would re-crack within a year. Now I patch with mud and KiwiGrip to match the texture then paint over the KiwiGrip and I have not had a single crack re-appear. It flexes instead of cracking.



KiwiGrip Non-Skid Deck Coating - Excellent product


For good quality results it is best to have at least two workers. One to spread the coating and one to apply texture with the special roller. Removing the painters tape is also helpful to have two people as the coating is still wet on the tape and can be messy.

Babs the Cat Lady

Atlanta, GA


KiwiGrip Non-Skid Deck Coating



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