Hella Fixed Mount Search Light
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  • Hella Fixed Mount Search Light

Hella Fixed Mount Search Light

The extremely bright Hella marine twin beam search light is designed for easy installation through cabin roofs. Light features a unique twin beam design with two reflectors and two halogen bulbs on separate switches. Use one 55W bulb for close range light switch on both bulbs long range illumination.

Each search light is constructed of shock and vibration resistant plastic with an extended front edge added lens protection. These lights feature 360 deg. rotation, 30 deg. vertical adjustment and come complete, pre-wired with 350mm of cable, grommet sealed and an O-ring for easy installation.

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BRAND: Hella Marine
Bulb Type: Halogen
Type: Searchlights & Spotlights
5.0 1

Must-have night driving accessory


If you drive anything at night, and you care about seeing things, you are an idiot if you don't have this spotlight. I drove snowcats for ten years, and got used to having one of these. Now i have one on my boat, and one on my truck. Indispensable. You won't be disappointed.




Hella Fixed Mount Search Light



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