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BIC Sport Kalao Tandem Kayak

The Bic Kalao is an adventure kayak at ease on the sea or rivers, for fun or for hardcore fishing. Ideal for use on family outings with the children, fishing trips, even overnight camping!

Like all BIC Sport kayaks, the Kalao features plenty of innovations. The fluid, stable hull design makes it simple for a family of two adults and two children to all ride together in complete comfort. That makes it the first true 3 (adult) person sit-on-top on the market, with 3 proper ergonomic seats. Essentially, the Kalao combines capacity of the old style family canoe, with the safety of a Sit-on-Top kayak!

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Length  14'5"  4.35m 
Width  34.6"  0.88m 
Weight  87lbs  39.5kg 
Fishing Version Weight  90.4lbs  41kg 
Maximum Load  683lbs  310kg 

The other big first: it has the ability to accommodate an electric motor. The largely flat hull design with very little draught is extremely stable and allows the kayak to go almost anywhere. Such aspects as storing your belongings while kayaking, as well as carrying and transporting your kayak have all also received detailed attention. The fishing version has numerous additional features, including: 4 rod holders, 2 large watertight boxes, and plenty of storage space. Due to its unique design, the Kalao is unsinkable, adding piece of mind and additional security to any adventure.

The Kalao is capable of seating 1 adult, 2 adults, 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children

Available in yellow and blue and the fishing version in green.

Type: Kayaks
4.0 1

Good Quality Needs Extras


A good stable craft for family use. Plan on buying seats. A bit heavy for one person to maneuver. Requires a motor mount if you plan to motor.


Lake Zoar, CT


BIC Sport Kalao Tandem Kayak



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