Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R Electric Outboard Motor
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  • Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R Electric Outboard Motor

Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R Electric Outboard Motor

The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R Electric Outboard Motor is a new, powerful motor designed to operate with both remote steering and throttle. The Cruise 2.0 is a 24-volt motor that has the propulsive power of a 5 hp gas outboard and the thrust of a 6 hp gas outboard.

The 2.0 R motors feature an integrated GPS receiver with an information system, so you always know how much battery power and remaining range you have.

Available in both short shaft and long shaft versions.

Spare Propeller sold separately: TOR-1915

Factory Warranty: 2 years limited

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The new Cruise 2.0 R is the perfect choice for boats on green lakes, pontoon boats, sailboats and catamarans. It operates on a 24 V lead-gel or AGM battery bank or two high-performance lithium-manganese batteries available from Torqeedo's Power series.

The new, lightweight Cruise 2.0 R offers further unique advantages for boaters. Each 24 V electric outboard comes standard with a cable set, fuse, main-switch, remote throttle control with integrated board computer and magnetic on/off switch as well as a link-arm to connect to standard steering systems.

Each Torqeedo Cruise R motor includes the following parts:


  • Motor with pylon, propeller, shaft, transom mount (with guide tube for remote steering), connection cables for cable set and remote throttle
  • Link arm and small parts for connecting the remote steering
  • Remote throttle control with integrated display and 4 screws M4 in different lengths to mount remote throttle
  • Magnetic key
  • Cable set with main switch, fuse and bridging cable (1 for Cruise 2.0 R, 3 for Cruise 4.0 R)
  • M8 screw to fix the steering (if no connection is desired to the remote steering)
  • Operating manual
  • Warranty certificate
  • Packaging


Torqeedo Model Technical Data  Cruise 2.0 R (short shaft) 
Input power in watts  2,000 
Propulsive power in watts  1,020 
Comparable gas outboards (propulsive power)  5hp 
Comparable gas outboards (thrust)  6hp 
Maximum overall efficiency in%  51 
Static thrust in lbs  110 
Integrated battery  no 
Rated voltage in volts  24 
Total weight in lbs  37.5 
Shaft length in inches  24.6 (S) 
Propeller dimensions in inches  12 x 10 
Propeller speed at full power in rpm  max. 1,250 
Control  Remote throttle control 
Steering  Provision for connection to standard remote steering lockable 
Tilting device  Manual with grounding protection 
Trim device  Manual, 4-step 
Stepless forward/ reverse drive  Yes 
Additional pre-set speeds  No 
BRAND: Torqeedo
Type: Outboard Motors
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