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Z Blok Serious Sunblock

Z Blok Serious Sunblock is a favorite choice among pro sailors and outdoor enthusiasts due to its clear, fragrance-free, non-greasy formula that eliminates stinging, burning eyes.

Z Blok SPF 45+ sunblock products are water and sweat resistant, ideal for the watersports or cycling enthusiast. The active ingredient, zinc oxide, offers a broad spectrum of UVA & UVB protection. The zinc oxide is ground so finely that this sunblock rubs in clear and stays clear, unlike conventional white zinc sunblocks.

Z Blok was the official sunblock of the PUMA Ocean Racing Team in the Volvo Around the World Race. This race crosses the equator 4 times, so sailors competing in this race require serious sun protection.

These effective SPF 45+ sunblocks come in a 4 oz. tube, and a thin, easy-to-pack 0.5 oz. stick that's great for reapplying sunscreen to faces between races.

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Z Block SPF 45+ Sunblock Features

  • Clear
  • Fragrance-free
  • Non-greasy
  • Zinc oxide protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Won't irritate eyes.
  • Eco-friendly formula contains NO oxybenzone (which harms ocean reefs).


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Z Blok Serious Sunblock


Z Blok sunscreen is perfect for me because I live in Hawaii, I'm in the water six days a week, I walk three days a week and ride my bike one day a week, all of which makes me sweat. All sunscreens I tried in the past would burn my eyes when the sweat would run down my forehead into my eyes. Not only does Z Blok protect me from the sun naturally (no chemicals), it also doesn't burn my eyes. For me it's PERFECT!

I don't have one

Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii


Lived up to it's reputation


I read a great review in the newspaper about great it is for the face, if you sweat it won't sting in your eyes. All, true! We just came back from Florida.

Beach goer

Willington, CT


I would buy this product again and again


Z Blok was recommended to me by a dermatologist after years of removing my skin precancers andcancers because it worked better than most sunscreens and did not irritate the eyes.

Arlene the Gardener

El Cajon, CA


Excellent sunscreen


Been using this sunscreen for years. Its not oily or gooey, rubs in easily and smoothly without a superficial residue. Its a physical sunscreen so the risk of any chemical irritation is minute and it provides EXCELLENT UV protection in BOTH the UVA and UVB spectrums. At the moment SPF protection refers to UVB (sunburn) protection only and gives little to no indication of UVA (skin cancer)protection. Has been used by around the world sailing racing teams and has performed exceedingly well and those guys are in the sun from dawn to dusk. For me there's not a better product out there at the moment. If it came in a spray it would be perfect.




Great concept, ingredients include oxy-


I have very sensitive skin and I realized that I was allergic to most sunscreens when my skin got rashes from using the Coppertone sunscreen for babies! When I read about ZBlok I was excited because of the no eye sting factor, but I guess it was my fault that I did not ask about the ingredient list because it include an ingredient that would irritate my skin: oxybenzone. There are a lot of articles about this ingredient in sunscreens so you could judge for yourself if you'd like your sunscreen to have it. I tried contacting the manufacturer for a refund twice but it's been two weeks and they have not contacted me. One plus is that it does blend in well so it will not leave a white cast on your skin. I would not recommend this sunscreen.

searching for safe sunscreen

san diego,ca


Z Blok Serious Sunblock



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