Oil Absorbent material
  • Oil Absorbent material

Oil Sorbent Material

Oil Sorbent Materials are easy to use; simply put in place before you change your oil, or use it to clean small spills. Absorbs roughly up to 25 gallons of oil per bundle. Repels water to provide a cleaner and safer working environment.

Available in sheets, pads, pillows and a mini-boom.

The CTX-1824-0 is available by the case only.

(1 pk contains 20 ea) IN STOCK - Available for pickup
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Part Number  Type  Size 
CTX-P6W  Oil Sorbent Sheet - Single Weight  15" x 19" 
CTX-P12W  Oil Sorbent Sheet - Double Weight  15" x 19" 
CTX-P9W  Sorbent Pad  17" x 19" x 1/4" 
CTX-1824-0  Oil Sorbent Pillow  18" x 24" 
MDR-755  Bilge Oilzorb - Mini Boom  4" Dia. x 15" L 
BRAND: ChemTex
Type: Chemical Absorbents
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Recently order the 755 mini boom and received a generic boom thats nowhere near the same size.


New York


They work like magic!


These are a must have on any boat or service truck.Uses include:Under an inboard engine to spot and absorb leaking fluids.Remove hydrocarbons from the bilge water.Mopping up of hydrocarbon spills.Emergency 'booming' in the event of a spill or splash-over.

Coordinated Services

Cape Cod, MA


Great product


I use these pads in the bilge of my '41 Chris Craft runabout. There is always a little oil and water present when the boat is run and these pads suck up the oil & hold it while rejecting water. The oil is contained & does not slosh around & soil the far reaches of the bilge. Really does the job,and absolutely rejects the water.


Chapel Hill, NC


Terrific product


I use this in the bilge of my '41 Chris Craft runabout. The few ounces of oil that appear in the bilge use to move around on top of the gallon or two of water in the bilge and get most of the bilge oil coated. These pads grab the oil and keep it from moving around and coating other parts of the bilge. They hold no water.


Lake Gaston, Va/NC


Is good.


I developed a leak in my tank that allowed the diesel to get into my bilge. I had water in the bilge so I used the pads to soak up the diesel. It worked very well and did not seem to have any water in it.


Memphis, TN

Oil Sorbent Material



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