Groco 316 S/S Tri-Flange Seacock Adaptor Base
Groco Groco
  • Groco 316 S/S Tri-Flange Seacock Adaptor Base
  • Groco 316 Stainless steel Tri-Flange Adaptor Base

Groco 316 S/S Tri-Flange Adapter Base

This patent-pending Groco IBVF flanged adapter eliminates common (and dangerous) thread mismatches when in-line valves are screwed onto thru-hulls. They also accept standard thru-hulls into the base and standard in-line valves or other components on top. In addition, they provide a safe and sturdy assembly when in-line valves are used as seacocks and prevent valve damage during engine or generator installation since the valve can be installed later. Finally, they make future valve replacement a simple job.

Constructed out of 316 Stainless Steel.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Part Number  Size 
GRO IBVF-750-S  3/4" 
GRO IBVF-1000 -S  1" 
GRO IBVF-1500 -S  1-1/2" 
GRO IBVF-2000-S  2" 
BRAND: Groco
Metal: Stainless Steel 316
Type: Seacocks & Ball Valves
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