Ronstan T-Cleat Cam Cleats
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  • Ronstan T-Cleat Cam Cleats

Ronstan T-Cleat Cam Cleats

New Ronstan twin cam cleats are high strength, offer superior holding power, and have self lubricating/self-cleaning bearings. They are lightweight, corrosion resistant, require low line entry effort, and provide easy line release. Cleats have PTFE impregnated Acetal slotted bearings for smooth operation under load.

Through the use of advanced composites, these cleats achieve superior performance while overcoming the limitations of metal alloys. The unique tooth profile and cam geometry were made to give you excellent grip and won't damage the rope. A multi-coil stainless steal spring recessed in the upper part of the cam will give you almost constant torque. This torque will provide secure cleating with even the smallest lines and minimal abrasion or rope wear.

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Advanced Composite Base: These Cam Cleats are made from long fiber, reinforced polymer. This has become a result of advanced formulated composite technology which deals with the replacement performance of metal.

Slotted Bearings: Self lubricating, self-cleaning slotted bearings can provide lower frictional resistance and give you a quicker response time than ball bearings. Ball bearings can also deform under a heavy load. These slotted bearings on the Cam Cleats also provide superior resistance to sand and salt.

Product Number  Product Description  Rope (in.)  Height (in.)  Width (in.)  Length (in.) 
RON-RF5001  Small T-Cleat Cam Cleat Red  3/32 - 5/16  3/4  1-7/8 
RON-RF5011  Medium T-Cleat Cam Cleat Red  1/8 - 1/2  1-1/4  2-5/8 
Product Number  Fastener (in.)  Fastener Hole Centres (in.)  M.W.L. (lb.)  B.L. (lb.)  Product Weight (oz.) 
RON-RF5001  3/16  1-1/16  165  330  0.7 
RON-RF5011  3/16  1-1/2  275  550  1.8 
BRAND: Ronstan
Type: Cam Cleats
3.0 1

Reasonably good cleats


This is a pretty much beginner's cleats. overall quality is good, really cannot tell if it will stand the test of time. Inside of the cleats are small springs to provide tension, it seems to be on the weak side.Cleats are very easy to replace on a boat, so of you do not want to spend too much money this year, or just want to change the color every so often, this is a good choice. If you want a cleats that you can install then forget about it for the next 10 years, this is not the one.


New York


Ronstan T-Cleat Cam Cleats



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