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  • FlexStep - Trailer Step

KeelGuard FlexStep Trailer Step

FlexStep is a unique Trailer Step used to customize boarding access to your boat on it's trailer. This lightweight aluminum step attaches to trailer frames with a robust stainless steel backing plate and fasteners. Designed with safety, ergonomics and storage, FlexStep makes a wonderful addition to your boat ramp routine.

Adding a flex step will boost safety, convenience and save time working on your boat out of water. The oversized step tube is comfortable on bare feet. Non-skid assures traction even with wet feet. Access lockers, engine trim buttons and other frequently used parts of your launch prep routine with ease. A strategically placed FlexStep can even help you launch and recover your boat without getting your feet wet.

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The end of the tube capping screws out, adding a small storage space for frequently used items. The lever arm extends, retracts, folds in, and can be tacked over to the other side of trailer by purchasing a separate second base.

The step hinges for multiple angles. The step height adjusts via a stout, tow-like receiver arm. An inner and outer square receiver tube slides to various lengths, held captive with a lynch pin. This multiple step system attaches onto any 3", 4", or 5" trailer frame quickly and conveniently. The step can retract and extend from 16" to 22" and has a 300 lb. capacity.

There are five angles of 22, 45, 67, and 90 degrees and the material is made out of a high tensile anti-corrosive 6061-T6 aluminum. All the steps are designed with a rubberized, 3M non-skid grip, providing secure footing no matter the angle setting.

A second accessory mounting plate can be purchased to enable tacking the step from one side to the other.

BRAND: KeelGuard
Type: Trailer Step
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