Moeller Mechanical Fuel Sender with Gauge
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  • Moeller Mechanical Fuel Sender with Gauge

Moeller Mechanical Fuel Gauge

Moeller Mechanical Fuel Sender delivers precise and quick measurements of fuel tank levels directly at the tank. Designed to be mounted on the tank itself, these gauges provide virtually error-free operation. A simple swingarm design is calibrated to a direct sight gauge for immediate readings.

While accurate, displayed fuel level will fluctuate when underway or in rough conditions as the fuel moves around the tank. For the most accurate results, be sure to read the tank level when at the dock or stationary.

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Mechanical Fuel Sender Features:

  • Internal components will not rust or corrode
  • While accurate, the gauge will fluctuate as fuel sloshes inside tank because of the moving parts - the float.
  • Direct Site Gauge is complete on unit.
  • Includes gasket and screws
  • Fits the standard fuel sender cutout dimensions
  • Select appropriate length based on tank depth


Fuel Sender Number  Swingarm Length 
MOE 03575010  7-1/2" 
MOE 03575110  8" 
MOE 03575210  10" 
MOE 03575310  11-3/4" 
MOE 03575410  12" 
MOE 03575510  14" 
MOE 03575610  16-1/4" 
MOE 03575810  22" 
MOE 03575910  Direct Sight Replacement Gauge Capsule 
BRAND: Moeller
Type: Sending Units

Moeller Mechanical Fuel Gauge



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