Uflex Standard Rotary Helms
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  • Uflex Standard Rotary Helms

UFlex Standard Rotary Helms

This single cable steering helm is constructed of corrosion resistant materials and all stainless steel cable output ends. Particularly suited for areas where clearance is limited, this steering system is ideal for larger outboards and surfacing propellers and features a fast connect, and is easily installed.

The special Planetary Gear Design on this steering mechanism uses a 3 satellite gear construction to allow rotation for both the 3 gears and the central helm axis. This allows for equal distribution of engine torque dividing and balancing the system loads.

*T72FC is recommended for boats faster than 50mph

*Both T71FC and T72FC steering systems are NOT to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the maximum horsepower rating of the boat

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Additional Features & Info


  • Optional 90° or 20° installation
  • Standard 3/4" tapered shaft
  • Lock-to-lock steering wheel turns: approx. 3.8
  • Minimal feedback
  • Compact for mounting
  • Maximum allowable steering wheel diameter: 16" (406mm)
  • Minimum steering cable bend radius: 7.9" (200mm)


Type: Mechanical Steering
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