Prisma Composite Preforms Hull Lumber
Prisma Composite Preforms Prisma Composite Preforms
  • Prisma Composite Preforms Hull Lumber

Prisma Composite Preforms Hull Lumber

Prisma composite lumber is fiberglass material with a non-woven polyester backing that features a 2 PCF flotation grade polyurethane foam. Commonly used in conjunction with structural members and stringers, and hull stiffeners. Available in 2 sizes to suit your application.

Common installations usually only require a simple, three-step process. Wet out the underside of each Prisma beam, position them where desired, wet out the top side of each beam, roll the tabs, and you're done. Prisma preforms saves time, material, and labor costs on just about every installation.

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Sold in 4ft lengths.

Product #  Base Width  Height  Top Width  Tabs and Base 
PRI-LR2X4  3"  3-1/2"  1-1/2"  9-1/2" 
PRI-LR2X6  4"  5-5/8"  1-7/8"  11" 


  • Suggested Applications:Structural Member; Long Span Stiffening; Stringers
  • Use only with marine epoxy, polyester or vinylester. Proper surface preparation prior to installation is critical to achieving structural integrity. Follow the resin manufacturer's directions
  • Failure to keep PRISMA products dry and clean prior to installation can decrease the structural integrity of this product.


BRAND: Prisma Composite Preforms
Type: Molding
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