Prisma Composite Preforms Hull Stiffener
Prisma Composite Preforms Prisma Composite Preforms
  • Prisma Composite Preforms Hull Stiffener

Prisma Composite Preforms Hull Stiffener

Prisma composite hull stiffeners are manufactured using a patented process, and constructed from high quality fiberglass knit fabrics and 2 PFC flotation grade polyurethane foam. Prisma hull stiffeners are frequently used for localized hull and deck stiffening.

Common installations usually only require a simple, three-step process. Wet out the underside of each Prisma beam, position them where desired, wet out the top side of each beam, roll the tabs, and you're done. Prisma preforms saves time, material, and labor costs on just about every installation.

Sold in 4 ft lengths.

$8.64 / ea
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Sold in 4ft Lengths

Product #  Height  Base  Tabs & Base 
PRI-HM2010  1"  1-7/8"  4-1/2" 


  • Suggested Applications: Localized hull and deck stiffening
  • Use only with marine epoxy, polyester or vinylester. Proper surface preparation prior to installation is critical to achieving structural integrity. Follow the resin manufacturer's directions
  • Failure to keep PRISMA products dry and clean prior to installation can decrease the structural integrity of this product.


BRAND: Prisma Composite Preforms
Type: Molding
4.5 4

Good Quality, Affordable Price.


Quality looks good and saves a ton of time.


San Pedro, CA


I plan to buy more of these.


I am using these to reinforce the hulls on my sailboat. They were easy to wet out with epoxy resin using a basic 2" wide brush. They are easy to handle and position inside the hull. The only thing you need to be aware of is that they naturally want to take a straight line. If you are installing them on a curved surface, you will need to come up with a way to get them to lay flat on that surface. In my case, I was able to position the hull so that I could place a series of weights on the stiffener to hold it in place as the epoxy cured.


Wall, NJ


It fixed my problem


I had a bulkhead that was causing stress cracks in the hull from flexing. I cut opening at bottom of bulkhead and installed the stiffener through the hole evenly on both sides and glassed over it. No more creaks , no more flex, no more movement.

Capt dave P

Wantagh, NY


Plywood 13 boat


I used these as stringers in plywood boat to stiffen bottom. Very easy to use and install. I was told by manufacturer to remove grey felt bottom to save on epoxy use - they really suck up the epoxy.




Prisma Composite Preforms Hull Stiffener



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