Barrington Sailboat Rack Crossbars
Barrington Marine Barrington Marine
  • Barrington Sailboat Rack Crossbars

Barrington Marine Sailboat Rack Crossbars

Barrington Marine's sailboat rack system provides sailors with a convenient and organized way to stow extra gear for weekend trips or extended cruises.

Rack storage systems help take advantage of and utilize the space under the boom and above the deck to accommodate bulkier gear such as dinghies, solar panels, surfboards, kayaks, bicycles and much more.

The entire rack system consists of three sections; (2) two horizontal posts and (1) one middle crossbar piece that is larger in diameter and slides over the two horizontal posts.

These middle crossbar sections are offered in four lengths to allow for adjustability and are able to Each rack system is designed for handrail mounting on virtually any yacht under 60 feet. The crossbars are available in four lengths to fit just about any application.

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  • Crossbar #1 Range: Min 35.5 inches, Max 55 inches
  • Crossbar #2 Range: Min 56 inches, Max 76 inches
  • Crossbar #3 Range: Min 77 inches, Max 96 inches
  • Crossbar #4 Range: Min 98 inches, Max 116 inches


BRAND: Barrington Marine
Type: Storage Racks
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