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Vetus Fuel Splash Stop

Prevent fuel fill overflows with the Vetus Fuel Splash-Stop. Compatible with diesel and gasoline fuels (CE and ABYC approved). Connects directly under deck fuel fill plate. Matching Stainless steel Vetus deck fill is required. Splash-Stop housing and fuel line connector are made of anodized aluminum.

Excess fuel collects in parallel fuel line hose, which is reduced and returned to tank. Volume of overfill reserve is customizable based length of parallel hose.

Housing also includes 5/8" hose barb connector for vent hose.

Diesel applications can also include no-smell filter on the vent line to reduce diesel fuel odor on deck.

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  • Unit includes anodized aluminum housing and fuel line reducer
  • Requires additional fuel fill line, fuel vent line and hose clamps
  • Mates with Vetus stainless steel deck fuel fill


Overspill capacity is determined by length and diameter of parallel fuel line, cut by you. 1-1/2" diameter hose has .26 gal per yard capacity. 2" diameter hose holds .53 gal per yard. Recommended capacity- for a 10.5 gallon tank, a minimum of .13 gallons/ for 105 gallon tank a minimum of .53 gallons.
BRAND: Vetus
Type: Fuel Accessories
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