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Interlux Interlux varnish
  • Interlux Schooner Gold

Interlux Schooner Gold Varnish

New Schooner Gold high build, high-gloss varnish replaces traditional Interlux Schooner varnish. Schooner Gold features an optimized blend of premium UV absorbers, HALS and resins to ensure exceptional deep gloss and color retention over the lifetime of the coating.

This high gloss yacht varnish was developed with a traditional amber hue, and tests have proven the gloss retention of Schooner Gold to outperform other leading varnish products.

Features higher build properties and improved self-leveling than the previous 'Schooner' product, allowing you to achieve a professional finish in 4-6 coats; sanding only between every other coat and therefore reducing your work time. With this new formulation there is no need for thinning in warm and higher temperature climates.

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  • Advanced UV technology makes 'Schooner Gold', Interlux's longest lasting one-part varnish
  • Blend of UV absorbers, HALS and resins ensure retention of gloss and color
  • Traditional amber color
  • Higher build, easy application, and improved self-leveling qualities
  • Suited for all internal and external woods, including teak
  • Can be applied directly to oily timber, such as teak
  • Schooner Gold can also be used in a system with Clear Wood Sealer


Schooner Gold may be applied using brush, roller, conventional spray and airless spray. When using this varnish over bare wood you should apply 2 thinned coats, followed by a minimum of 4 full coats; on previously varnished wood apply 2-4 full coats. When using as a scheme over Clear Wood Sealer, apply a minimum of 2 full coats.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

BRAND: Interlux
Type: Varnishes
2.0 20

Very nice Varnish!


Used it on the new mahogany deck over epoxy finish. 2 coats brushed and tipped. Then 2 coats rolled and tipped. Make sure your surface prep is perfect, as it does not hide defects. Also strain it as directed.

Lee, boat builder

Wantage NJ


Not an improvement over prior chemistry.


Thick as molasses: did not make application easy. Instructions say you can sand every other coat, but that left me with orange peel. Give me the original, keep your "gold".


Manassas, VA

difficult to apply


product very difficult to work with. had to add thinner constantly during application in perfect weather conditions. left wavy surface on a perfectly flat surface. had to restrip teak and start over after 50 labor hours of work.


orange beach al.


terrible product. I can't understand why anyone sells it


I've had every experience listed under the unfavorable reviews. I've used Interlux gold on three boats and found it very difficult and unpredictable. I had one can that I used where the product didn't seem to cure, remained gummy, and I ended spending hours stripping it all off and having to start over again. I called CLC boats and they said that there was a recall on Interlux Gold a couple of years ago, so that may explain that episode. It's impossible to use out of the can. On mild days 70-78 degrees in california i tend to thin it 10% and work on small sections at a time.Once I get a good finish it looks good and his durable but its not worth using. After 3 boats I will never use the product again. Interlux needs to speak up here and discuss their product


Lafayette Ca


Fantastic stuff


Worked as advertised. Needed some thinning. Brushed very easily with a 2 in. badger brush. There's barely a brush mark afterwards. I have always used Zspar. I like this one a lot too!


Mamaroneck, NY


Still Havn't


I switched to Interlux about a year ago. I liked the combination of Jet Speed undercoating with Schooner finish coats... and then Interlux took Jet Speed off the market.My experience with Schooner Gold suggests it's not really a high build undercoat varnish for brushers. Even indoors at moderate temperature, it proved impossible to find the thinning mixture that produced the smooth, self-leveling film that Interlux advertised. And I couldn't brush on two coats without sanding.So I did "the right thing"; I consulted the manufacturer's instructions. No help at all.My evaluation is that Schooner Gold isn't brushable until Interlux publishes much more detailed (and credible) instructions.




Forget Schooner Gold, use Schooner


I used this on new epoxy, prepared the surface exactly as directed. In two weeks it still had a tough surface gum. The gum could not be sanded, scrapped or dissolved off with any solvent I had including acetone, mineral spirits, water and detergent, Interlux solvent 333, Interlux solvent 202, xylene or GooGone (OK, I was getting desperate.) I talked to Interlux's technical support representative who recommended only a manual paint scrapper, but the gum was too tough for that. My local dealer recommended Back-to-Nature's Ready Strip paint remover. That kind of worked but still required a lot of gummed up sand paper to get back down to a hard surface. Changed to the old Schooner product and love it. Goes on easy and is very predictable.

Racing Shell B

Minneapolis, MN


Interlux Schooner Gold Varnish


Bought this product to match the old Schooner Gold color, it was a good match. However as others have said the varnish was thicker then the old version and did not flow out well. Found that if I added about 5% thinner it helped


Lake St. Clair, MI


Great for spray application..


The original schooner #96 works well for brushing. However, we find that the new Schooner Gold, when thinned properly, is great for spraying & lays down very nice!

Nautical Lumber Co

Warren Mi


Gold-> Hands off


I just stopped varnishing after one side of topsides. Awful, does not level out again. Using Epifanes for centuries, switched to schooner for gloss longevity. But this is impossible to work with.




Interlux Schooner Gold Varnish



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