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Interlux Compass Varnish

Interlux Compass is a fast drying, highly durable one-part polyurethane gloss varnish which allows you to reduce your work time and labor efficiency without compromising on aesthetic or protection. This single part polyurethane is the replacement for Interlux Goldspar Varnish.

The dual resin hybrid approach of this product delivers fast drying properties, reducing overcoating intervals and sanding requirements and helps to minimize dust contamination. Apply two coats of Compass per day and sand only after every 2nd or 3rd coat. The formulation of Compass incorporates UV-absorbers and HALS, which dissipate heat and protect the coating from free radicals, to avoid premature degradation and extend its lifespan. With Compass varnish you can achieve a professional, long-lasting finish that will deliver maximum resistance to abrasion, chemical water and alcohol spills.

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Compass's blend of traditional tung oil and polyurethane resin make it suitable for both internal and external woods, and can be applied directly to oil timber such as teak, and with Compass light amber color it emphasizes the color and appearance of natural wood. Compass can be applied over bare wood, Clear Wood Sealer, Interstain Paste Wood Filler Stain, existing one-part varnishes and Perfection varnish.

Compass varnish can be applyied with a brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray. When applying over bare wood you should apply 1 thinned coat, followed by a minimum of 3 full coats. When being used as a scheme over Clear Wood Sealer, apply a minimum of 3 full coats.

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  • Tough, durable polyurethane finish makes resistant to scratches, oil, mild acid/alkali, etc.
  • Fast-dry formula
  • Reduces work time
  • Contains HALS and UV absorbers to protect wood from sunlight degradation and increase the coatings lifetime
  • Smooth, professional finish
  • Light amber color
BRAND: Interlux
Type: Varnishes
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