Wooster Jumbo-Kotor Flip-Frame Roller
Wooster Wooster
  • Wooster Jumbo-Kotor Flip-Frame Roller
  • Wooster Jumbo-Kotor Mohair Roller Cover

Wooster Jumbo-Kotor Roller Frame & Mohair Cover

The Wooster Flip-Frame roller frame fits both 4-1/2" and 6-1/2" Jumbo-Koter Mohair Roller Covers. The durable frame has a solvent-resistant plastic cage and extra-smooth rolling action. These rollers also feature a chrome-plated 1/4" shank with a 90° angle, and a full-size polypropylene grip with reinforced threads (Sherlock GT compatible).

Wooster Jumbo-Koter Mohair roller covers combine white shed-resistant natural mohair with non-matting polyester for a very smooth finish with enamels, varnishes, urethanes, and epoxies. The closed end on the 4-1/2" size roller cover saves time when painting corners, and the open, 3/4" core makes cleaning easy and refills cost less. Use Jumbo-Koter Mohair roller covers with any of the Jumbo-Koter cage frames.

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Product Number & Description  Size 
WBC-RR323 Flip-Frame Roller  Adjusts to fit both sizes of roller covers 
WBC-RR304-4.5 Mohair Cover  4.5 Inches 
WBC-RR304-6.5 Mohair Cover  6.5 Inches 
BRAND: Wooster
Type: Paint Rollers
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