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Aquagard Flexdel Bottom Gard
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Aquagard Bottom Gard

Aquagard Bottom Gard is an ablative, anti-fouling bottom paint suited for fiberglass and wooden boats. It features a solvent-based ablative action to repel barnacles and other marine growth.

At an extremely economical price, Bottom Gard is an exceptional value with outstanding performance. Easy to apply and distributes evenly.

Available in Black, Blue and Red in Quart and Gallon sizes.

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Bottom Gard Antifouling Bottom Paint Features

  • Great value with great results repelling barnacles and other marine growth.
  • Works great on wooden and fiberglass boats used in fresh, brackish, or salt water.
  • Dries fast so you can launch quicker.
  • US EPA approved


Technical Specifications  Bottom Gard 
Components  One 
Available Colors  Black, Blue, Red 
Finish  Flat 
Solids by Weight  62% 
Cuprous Oxide  23.71% 
Coverage  400 sq. ft. per gallon 
Application Data  Bottom Gard 
Application Method  Brush or roller 
Application Temperature  50-90°F 
Thinner/Reducer  Mineral spirits 
Recommended Number of Coats  1-2 (apply an additional coat at the waterline for added protection) 
Dry Time to Recoat (Hours), Minimum  4 @ 50°F; 2 @ 70°F; 1 @ 90°F; 
Dry Time to Launch (Hours), Minimum  24 @ 50°F; 18 @ 70°F; 12 @ 90°F; 
Below Water Line (yes/no): Yes
BRAND: Aquagard
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Copper AF Paint
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i got it because it was the cheap. it is the ugliest red I've ever seen. definitely gonna paint over it.




Will use again


Was a little afraid it would poor quality paint for the money. Used two coats on bottom and three on waterline. Had minimal bottom growth which really suprised me becuase the boat was used very little this season.Am using it again this year and most likely for ever. Great paint


Atlantic City New Jersey


Look's great so far


It looks great, easy to apply. Let's see what it looks like in 12 months?


Graham NC


Best Bang for the Buck


I was a little skeptical buying it last season cause I could'nt beleive a gallon of bottom paint, that costs less than some quarts, would work. Well I was wrong and I'm back again this season to buy another gallon.


Plymouth, MA


Aquagard Bottom Gard



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