Aqua Gloss Waterbased Enamel
Aquagard Flexdel Marine Paint
  • Aqua Gloss Waterbased Enamel

Aquagard Aqua Gloss Waterbased Enamel

Aquagard Aqua-Gloss is a colorfast & UV resistant marine enamel that provides a hard, hi-gloss finish. This water-based paint resists abrasion and stains. It rolls on with ease and cleans up with just soap and water.

Non-toxic fumes make this an environment friendly finish. Available by the quart in black, bright red, royal blue, sea green, medium gray, white, and beige.

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BRAND: Aquagard
Type: Topside Paint
2.5 2

Unusable. Buy a lottery ticket instead


So you can't return paint. So I threw my money away. I need to get into the paintmaking business and have people gamble on whether my paint is usuable or not. In 8 years buying paints, epoxies, tools, materials & other products on the internet this is my second review. The other was a positive review for a very excellent epoxy. This is my first negative review of any product. But if not now, when? Aqua-Gloss comes fairly thick in the can and I found no instructions for thinning. No problem, they say to use as is. And I wanted good coverage from the start, so that's ok with me. The can says 2 coats will do it. Fine by me. So I brush on straight out of the can and try to get it smooth. Color coverage in one coat is very good, it looks like 2 coats will surely do it.But it just...doesn't...level. And the brush marks remain. They say wait at least 30 minutes before 2nd coat. OK. 30 min later it seems dry enough. Hasn't leveled out though and I can see it will be unacceptable if left like this. I estimate that a little thinning with water might help it... I try 10%, then up to 20%. It thins but that's all. Still brush marks and won't level. "This is not going to work." Oh well, let it dry and tomorrow see how hard it gets, see how bad the brush marks look.Next day, it hasn't cured. Still sticky. Fingers leave prints. Even the thinned area. Turned to gum. Difficult even to sand off. Gummed up the orbital sander. Aqua-Gloss is, well, here is where I would say something "inflammatory" in the interests of full dislosure. Facts are not inflammatory and they are that I have this quart of "paint", an hour wasted sanding the gummy remains off, and they have my money. Thank goodness I tried this on a small test area and not my whole project.




I would buy this product again


My sailboat lives on a dirty fresh water river. I selected this product because their bottom paint has served me well.


Wrightsville, PA


Aquagard Aqua Gloss Waterbased Enamel



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