Taco LUMA LED Deck Lights
  • Taco LUMA LED Deck Lights

TACO LED Deck Light

Taco LUMA LED deck lights are ideal for deck and spreader lighting applications. These lights are equipped with adjustable stainless steel mounting brackets with a white plastic clamp, in your choice of adjustable clamp-on or through-bolt mounting style.

Taco's LUMA series deck lights feature 30 LEDs providing high input, low glare light through a druable polycarbonate lens. These highly efficient lights provide over 100,000 hours of service with a low-profile, attractive design. This LED light provides a total of 150 Lumens, while still only drawing 1-1/4 amp of current.

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Additional Features

  • Vibration and shock-resistant LED's
  • Less than 1/4 amp draw - won't drain battery
  • White, UV, & impact-resistant housing
  • Housing: 5" x 3-1/2"


Bulb Type: LED
Type: Flood & Spreader Lights
3.3 3

Not for lighting


Thought replacing some old 55 watt halogens with efficient LED was the right thing to do. These lights can hardly create a shadow. Back to the halogens again.


Turks & Caicos Islands


I would buy this product again


I use it like spreader light. It`s a god spreader light. easy to see is on sea

Kristian Groenvold


Better as a spreader light than a deck l


This light has too tight a pattern to be useful as a deck light, unless you could mount it 15 - 20 feet above the deck. It would be a really good spreader light, which is what it was really designed for.

Smart Move

Salt Lake City, UT


TACO LED Deck Light



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