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Spinlock XX Range Powerclutches

Spinlock XX Range Powerclutches hold 50% higher loads compared to conventional rope clutches, while still providing smooth and controlled release.

XX Powerclutches are the only secure solution for genoa and spinnaker halyards on performance yachts from 35-50 feet.

New jaw profiles for 2010 are developed to work consistently across a wider range of blended rope covers, making them a great choice for a great amount of installations and applications. Spinlock XX rope clutches feature easy on-deck access for removing the complete internal assembly, even when banked.

$540.25 / ea
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Additional Features & Info


  • Access ports for fresh water flushing
  • Styled to match XTS, XCS and ZS Series
  • Lock Open version allows lines to run freely with handle closed
  • Line height optimized for correct lead to winch


Part No.   Rope Range   Load  Max SWL  Weight 
SPL-XX0812   8mm - 12mm   1985lb - 3970lb   3970lbs  2.2lbs 
SPL-XX0812HP   8mm - 10mm   1985lb - 3970lb   3970lbs  2.2lbs 
SPL-XX0812HPS   8mm - 10mm  1985lb - 3970lb   3970lbs  2.2lbs 
SPL-XX0812HS   8mm - 10mm   1985lb - 3970lb   3970lbs  2.2lbs 
SPL-XX0812HSS   8mm - 10mm  1985lb - 3970lb   3970lbs  2.2lbs 
BRAND: Spinlock
Type: Clutches
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