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Spinlock ATCU Throttle Control

The Spinlock ATCU throttle control is replacement for standard faceplate and handles, and was specifically designed to fit Teleflex model B700, CH2100P and CH2600P engine controls.

It allows the engine control to be located anywhere on deck, getting it out of the way of important control lines to prevent unwanted snags and hang-ups.

The ATCU functions just like a normal throttle lever, except you can remove the handle at any time. With the ATCU throttle control you can run the engine in neutral simply by placing the handle inward, which disengages the clutch. You then return the handle to the minimum throttle position, and it smoothly re-engages - a simple and easy process. Ideal for weekend sailors as well as avid racing enthusiasts.

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Additional Features & Info


  • Deters boat theft
  • Four fasteners on 3" (75mm) center
  • 3-15/16"H (98mm) x 4"W (100mm)
  • Five year warranty
  • Includes faceplate with adapters and lever handle


BRAND: Spinlock
Type: Engine Controls
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