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ACR AquaLink View 406 PLB

The ACR AquaLink View 406 PLB is waterproof, floats, and combines 3 levels of signal technology with a digital display that shows the beacon's operational activities including GPS LAT/LON, battery power, and usage instructions.

When activated in an emergency, the Aqualink View triggers immediate GPS positioning, sent by a powerful 406 MHz signal to nearby satellites anywhere in the world. A 121.5 MHz homing capability and an LED Strobe then guide SAR to your exact location. Keep peace of mind knowing the PLB will work when needed by performing regular self and GPS acquisition tests.

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AquaLink 406 PLB Specifications:

  • Fully buoyant, and comes with a lanyard
  • Easily operated by just deploying antenna and turning on
  • On-board 66 channel GPS relays LAT/LON immediately upon activation
  • Super bright LED strobe and 121.5 MHz homing beacon guide SAR when close
  • Compact size fits easily into a pocket or pack. Dimensions: 2.3" x 5.8" x 1.45"
  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate casing comes in a highly visible yellow color
  • Class 2 non-hazmat lithium battery typically lasts 30 hours
  • Self-testing and GPS acquisition testing capabilities
  • Free registration with no subscription fees
  • If used in a rescue, join the Survivor Club and ACR will replace the PLB free of charge

AquaLink View Digital Display Features

  • Confirmation that the beacon is working with automated prompts
  • Displays operating instructions and usage tips on optimizing the beacon
  • Displays GPS LAT/LON coordinates, battery power, and transmission bursts
  • Provides a walkthrough of self-testing steps
  • Allows user to know it is working and provides a level of calm in an emergency


BRAND: ACR Electronics
Type: Personal Locator Beacon
5.0 1

ACR AquaLink View 406 PLB by ACR


If you travel in remote areas away from civilization or out of cell range. You NEED to get one of these. No Joke.Consider you're out hiking in the middle of nowhere and get break a leg or get trapped in blizzard for 3days with no cell service...PLBs are not just for water activities and work with SAR on land as well. I pack our ACR PLB when we travel anywhere incl. overseas or just flying/driving inside the US. Instruct your kids on how to use it. Without a doubt, its going to be very cheap insurance in a serious emergency and will save lives.Important Note - you can update your Beacon registration online for your current trip details, vehicles used, location & times so if you use it SAR will have a good idea of what you are doing if an emergency arises.


Dallas TX


ACR AquaLink View 406 PLB



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