CRC Phase Guard 4 Ethanol Treatment
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  • CRC Phase Guard 4 Ethanol Treatment

CRC Phase Guard 4 Ethanol Treatment

CRC Phase Guard 4 Ethanol Treatment protects all gas powered 2 and 4 cycle engines from the harmful effects of ethanol. Prevents phase separation, provides maximum corrosion protection, cleans entire fuel system, stabilizes fuel during storage, restores power and MPG.

Treats E10 to E85 fuels. Works on: boats, jet skis, automobiles, RVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, snow blowers, weed eaters and more.

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Item #  Description  Treats 
CRC-06141   8 fl. oz.  80 gal. 
CRC-06142   16 fl. oz.  160 gal. 
BRAND: CRC Industries
Fuel: Gasoline
Type: Fuel Additives
4.0 1

Recommended by my boat dealer


I had fuel/carb problems resulting from ethanol in gasoline. My nissan 9.8 hp outboard would become difficult to start and idle rough. The use of phaseguard 4 helped my engine start quicker and run smoothier. I add an oz or two to my tank before filling up. My engine ran well all last season. I will be adding this product to my outboard's gas tank and saving the stabil for the lawnmover and small power equipment. Phaseguard 4 was recommended my my boat motor mechanic/dealer.

Big Mau

Lords Valley, PA


CRC Phase Guard 4 Ethanol Treatment



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