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CRC Rust Converter

CRC Rust Converter is a unique fast drying milky white vinyl/acrylic coating that is applied to any rusted surface in order to stop rust in its tracks. It neutralizes rust and converts into a tough, black primer all in one easy step.

Rust Converter can be used as a finish coat or it can be painted over for maximum corrosion protection. No more sandblasting, heavy scraping, wire brushing or grinding. CRC Rust Converter actually depends on a layer of rust being present in order to be effective! Available in various sizes.

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Item #  Size 
CRC-18418   1 Quart 
CRC-18419   1 Gallon 
BRAND: CRC Industries
Type: Rust Converter
5.0 1

Happy with performance


Works great on converting rust to a hard black surface. I use it on my 42 year old steel boat.


Rockford, Michigan


CRC Rust Converter



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