Quadraxial Cloth with Trevira Backing
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  • Quadraxial Cloth with Trevira Backing

Prisma Quadraxial Cloth with T-Mat Backing

36 ounce Prisma Glass Quadraxial cloth consists of four layers of parallel unidirectional fibers, each layer at a different orientation (0°, +45°, 90°, -45°).

These layers are stitched together and backed with a polyester based T-mat (aka Trevira) backing that adheres tenaciously to bonding surface. 36 oz. per square yard material.

The same reinforcements that make Prisma preforms super tough are now available in this fabric form. Prisma Glass features exclusive T-Mat backing, where High Tenacity Thermoplastic fibers improve toughness and bonding. The cloth and special backing work with Epoxy, Vinylester and Polyester resins. Build boats like the pros using the same Prisma materials the OEMs use.

Excellent rapid strength build-up for composite construction. Ideal for hull, transom, stringer, bulkhead and floor applications.

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Perfect for boat repairs and new construction.
BRAND: Prisma Composite Preforms
Type: Fiberglass Repair
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Easy to work with


I used with prisma preforms,west systems epoxy and plywood to rebuild a rotten sunpad base, cuts easy with good scissors.To gauge the strength I took a wetted out, 2" wide piece and rolled into a 1.5" loop with 1/2" overlap and was able to stand on it after curing with very small deformation, all 245lbs on this little piece smaller than half a empty TP roll.




Prisma Quadraxial Cloth with T-Mat Backing



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