Pettit EZ Cabin-Coat Anti-Mildew Interior Paint
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit mold and mildew proof interior paint for boat cabins
  • Pettit EZ Cabin-Coat Anti-Mildew Interior Paint

Pettit EZ Cabin-Coat Anti-Mildew Interior Paint

Pettit EZ Cabin Coat is a high-performance, water-based paint suited for use in humid conditions that would otherwise promote mildew growth and paint failures in boat cabin interiors. Dura-White provides a moisture resistant, mildew proof finish that will stay white, good-looking, bright and color-fast for years.

EZ Cabin-Coat does not contain mercury or lead. It contains safe ingredients which prevent mold and mildew growth on the paint film for years. The finish is ideal for all interior surfaces, such as drywall, wood, wood coverings and even tile.

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  • Mildew-proof.
  • Water-based technology for easy application and clean-up.
  • Ideal for high humidity areas such as cabin interiors, heads, drawers and closets.
  • Adheres to any glossy surface without prior sanding.
  • Dries fast, low odor.
  • Brush, roll or spray application (short nap roller or synthetic brush)
  • Easy ammonia wipe surface prep


BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Type: Topside Paint
4.0 4

Not Happy


This will not give you a yacht finish. It does not cover or hide well. Even after two rolled coats on a well-sanded plywood bulkhead, stains bleed through. It is much softer than an oil or poly finish. I was hoping for something easier to use than oil or poly. I will be stripping it off and using a two-part poly primer followed by a two-part poly or oil based poly. I should have known not to buy a product that says "EZ."

Sea Sailer



Beats up the billfold... but sure works well


1979 sailboat. Formerly had a lining stuck in with contact cement. Cleaned that off and painted with EZ Cabin Coat. Adhered beautifully and 2 coat coverage. It is water based, so had a couple of stains bleed through. Quick hit those with a strong stain blocker and touchup with EZ Coat. This stuff costs a good bit, but works well. I brush cut in and rolled (4 and 9 inch) large areas. I bought the white and a local paint store tinted for me.


Greenville SC


Good product at a reasonable price


The only reason I only rated this paint as 4 stars is because it has not been in the boat long enough to tell how well it holds up or stands up to repeated cleaning. So far I have no problems with the paint at all.


Tampa, FL


Easy application, easy clean-up


I painted the cabin ceiling of my J30 with that paint. It was already painted before and seems like the pettit paint covers more evenly than the previous paint. It covers completely in 2 coats. Very easy to use, easy clean-up. Works well with a short nap 4" roller. Time will tell if the anti-mildew is working well or not...


Lakeland, FL


Pettit EZ Cabin-Coat Anti-Mildew Interior Paint



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