Torqeedo Travel 1003 S Short Shaft Outboard
Torqeedo Torqeedo travel 1003
  • Torqeedo Travel 1003 S Short Shaft Outboard
  • Torqeedo Travel 1003 CS High Capacity Short Shaft Outboard

Torqeedo Travel 1003 Electric Outboard Motors

Torqeedo's Travel 503 and 1003 motors are the most efficient electric outboards on the market, with higher efficiency battery capacity and an on-board-computer (including GPS and real-time range calculation). 4 HP output combined with lithium battery technology provides quiet, clean and low-maintenance power.

Compared to today's modern 4-stroke outboards, electric motors are a more economical solution that's better for the environment. Advantages include no oil changes, record efficiency, and usable on protected waters that ban traditional gasoline outboards. A true primary propulsion system, the rugged Torqeedo 1003 is the only non-gasoline outboard effective for use with tenders, dinghies, and daysailers weighing up to 1.5 tons.

1003 short and long shaft models include an integrated 530Wh Li-Ion battery. 1003C models include integrated 915Wh Li-Ion battery.

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Torqeedo Motor & Battery Details

The 1003 features watertight motor components to protect sensitive electronics against moisture intrusion or complete immersion. For safety, the motor automatically shuts off when the magnetic key on the remote throttle is removed. It's a good idea to attach this key to your wrist or life jacket.

In very hot weather, both the 503 and the 1003 may run under reduced power after running over 30 minutes at full throttle. This is a temperature protection mode to prevent battery overheating.

Although both the Travel 503 and the 1003 consume the same amount of energy at the same speed, the 1003 has 60% greater battery capacity for superior range.

The new Travel 1003C has an improved 915 Wh battery for longer range and run time. It offers 37% more run time than the standard Travel 1003 530 Wh battery.

Torqeedo upgraded both Travel motors to a new lithium manganese system for less weight and better performance. These new LIMA batteries take 15 hours to fully charge from empty to full. To maximize their service life, minimize battery exposure to high temperatures and do not store fully charged for long periods. When not in use, keep out of the sun and store in a cool place. For long term storage, a charge status of about 50% is optimal. By following these guidelines, your Travel motor's battery should last 6 to 10 years.

Battery Charging: The battery may be solar charged while in use. Use the included connector with the PowerFilm or other solar charger with a voltage rating between 24 and 60 V and max current of 4 amps. Using on-board power source to charge requires an inverter to convert voltage to between 100 and 240 V.

Travel 1003 & 1003C Features & Specifications

  • Record efficiency in short shaft or long shaft models
  • Same performance as a gas outboard and weighs no more
  • GPS calculation of remaining range
  • Solar-chargeable, even under way
  • Easy to disassemble for transport or storage
  • Information Display
  • Charger Included
  • Integrated Li-Ion high-performance battery
  • 520 Wh Li-Ion battery (1003) or 915 Wh Li-Ion high capacity battery (1003C) for extended range & run time
  • Travel 1003C 915 Wh battery provides 37% more run time than the standard Travel 1003 530 Wh battery
  • Propulsive power is equivalent to a 3 HP gas-powered outboard motor
  • All Travel motors include battery and charger. Spare lithium batteries sold separately.


Torqeedo Model Technical Data  Travel 1003 S/L  Travel 1003C S/L 
Input Power (Watts)  1,000  1,000 
Propulsive Power (Watts)  480  480 
Comparable Gas Outboards  3 hp  3 hp 
Comparable Gas Outboards (Thrust)  4 hp  4 hp 
Maximum Overall Efficiency (%)  48  48 
Static Thrust (lbs)  68  68 
Integrated battery  520 Wh Li-Ion  915 Wh Li-Ion 
Rated Voltage  29.6  29.6 
Final Voltage  33.6  33.6 
Total Weight (lbs)  29.5 (S) / 30.1 (L)  32.8 (CS) / 34.0 (CL) 
Weight of Motor W/O battery (lbs)  19.6 (S) / 20.9 (L)  19.6 (S) / 20.9 (L) 
Weight of Integrated battery (lbs)  12  13 
Shaft length (in)  24.6 (S) / 29.5 (L)  24.6 (S) / 29.5 (L) 
Propeller Dimensions (in)  11.5 x 8.1  11.5 x 8.1 
Propeller Speed (RPM)  1,200  1,200 
Control  Tiller control  Tiller control 
Steering  360° lockable  360° lockable 
Tilting Device  Manual with grounding protection  Manual with grounding protection 
Trim Device  Manual, 4-step  Manual, 4-step 
Stepless Forward/Reverse Drive  Yes  Yes 
Integrated On-Board Computer  Yes  Yes 
Travel 1003 performance  Speed (Knots)  Range (Nautical Miles)  Run Time (Hours) 
Slow Speed  1.5 - 2.0  15 - 20  10:30 
Half Throttle  2.5 - 3.0  8.5 - 10.5  3:30 
Full Throttle  4.5 - 5.0  2.5 - 2.8  0:35 
Travel 1003C performance  Speed (Knots)  Range (Nautical Miles)  Run Time (Hours) 
Slow Speed  1.5 - 2.0  35  17:30 
Half Throttle  2.5 - 3.0  18  06:00 
Full Throttle  4.5 - 5.0  01:00 
BRAND: Torqeedo
Type: Outboard Motors
3.7 19

Performs Exactly as Advertised


I converted a 17.5 foot whitewater cataraft into a trolling boat for use on lakes and quiet rivers in Central Oregon. The Torquedo is performing very well, using only 12 percent of the battery per hour for trolling, more than enough for a day's fishing. Recharge is easy and quick. Motor arrived safely from Jamestown Distributors and was easy to put together and to learn to use. Convenient to attach and detach from the transom. Don't know yet about reliability, but the motor seems sturdy.

Wyoming Native

Sunriver, OR


One season of experience


I used the Torqeedo 1003 for one season on my 20' 2500# sailboat. It worked perfectly, and I had no problems. I daysail, and motor 15-20 minutes from my slip to the harbor, go sailing and motor back to the slip. I always returned with 70-75% remaining battery power. I love that the motor is light weight, and there is almost no maintenance. No smelly gas, and no worries about ethanol. It easily pushes my boat 3.5 to 4 knots. If you daysail a smaller sailboat this outboard is perfect. It may not work out if you have to fight currents. Just bring the 10# battery home and charge it between uses. For convenience remove the tiller arm, lock the motor forward, and attach the available remote throttle. The remote throttle also has the GPS with info panel. I think they have worked all the bugs out of these Torqeedos!


Milwaukee, Wi


Excellent Product with some limitations


I purchased the Torqueedo at the beginning of the 2015 season for my 10.5' Zodiac. Pros are excellent materials, assembly and reliability. Having no on board gas and oil on the main boat is a real plus. Ditto no pull rope. Load it up and go. The only con I experienced is that wind and wave action requires greater power to maintain control, the added power consumption pulls battery life faster than desired. On calm waters it truly is a great addition. I keep the Zodiac on davits, the motor broken down in the cabin. It has added a completely new dimension of enjoyment when anchored and/or entertaining friends and family.


Milwaukee - Lake Michigan


Short life, poor quality


We bought our motor in the fall of 2012, thus the motor is 2-1/2 years old. It has seen very little use; it just wasn't up to pushing our Caribe RIB very far or very fast, so it was used only very occasionally for the first six months, then laid up for storage while our boat was being refit last year, and only brought out again last December. In January it suffered a sudden failure when being used on a full-speed run.I have shipped it to a Torqeedo dealer who does service. I heard from the tech yesterday, and he told me that a part is broken and needs replacement. He said that this was a frequent problem in "older Torqeedos" (is mine really an older motor?) and that Torqeedo has changed the design of the lower unit as a result. He offered me two choices for repair: to replace just the broken part, or to replace the whole lower unit with the updated design. The cost for either option was nearly half the cost of a new motor!Wow, sticker shock! I am dismayed that a motor which has seen so little use would require a repair that is half the cost of the new motor. I am especially dismayed due to the story he told; in my mind if they had a frequent failure that required a redesign, that sounds like a manufacturer design defect to me, and should be a warranty item.It really irks me that I should need to pay more than the used motor is probably worth to repair it. Torqeedo touts itself as this high-tech, high-quality design; I am extremely disappointed in the low reliability.This is actually my second repair on this unit; the clear membrane covering the control panel had cracked this year, and water had infiltrated and ruined the on/off switch. I just happened to have a replacement switch in my spare parts aboard the boat, so repaired that one myself.Finally be aware that if you are looking for a quiet trolling motor, keep looking. The Torqeedo has a reduction gear that emits a loud whine at most any speed.

Barky Dog

Southport, ME


Not robust, not reliable for very long


Motor made gad awful noise at low rpm. About 20% power (not enough to move the boat) the noise abated. Once throttled up, the motor made the gad awful noise again...very shortly thereafter it stopped. Returned throttle to middle then throttled up again (it did work), but again stopped working. Shifted to reverse to keep from hitting traffic in the marina...made gad awful noise again, quit working again and showed error code e45, then did not work again. This was a 3 year old Torqeedo that I bought used. So the manufacture of this product is not robust enough to withstand normal wear and tear and continue to work for 3 years. Nice idea, poorly executed, horribly expensive for what you get.

Thom the sailor

Benicia, CA


Great at what it does


I have used this on my Precision 18, with adjustable motor mount for 3 years now. Great for kicking me out from my marina into the tidal river I sail on. No issues with tide and current, plenty of power to move my 1500 lb boat easily at near hull speed. I leave the motor locked on its mount, and remove the battery to charge at home. Have also engineered a cable to charge from a deep cycle battery on board. Great customer service from Torqeedo, when I hit gill net and broke tiller as a result. Three issues to be aware of: the tiller length is long for a full transom boat, 1) I had to build spacers to move motor back 5.5 inches so tiller would clear the transom. 2) when raised, the motor wants to pivot so the battery is down, which puts the prop in the water, dragging. I solved this by using a tether on batter handle from stern rail. 3) Tension on shaft--they need to do what gas outboards this size do, namely put a screw-down friction adjustment to stiffen up the steering (current design requires removal from boat, removing parts, adjustment is with plastic fitting--none of which are good!) All that said, I love this motor--quiet, reliable, powerful, and provides all needed info to manage power and range.

Captain, SV Windfall

Williamsburg, VA


The Clamps Are Defective


Had the T-1003 on the transom of my 15'4" Gheenoe. Going over a wake, the T-1003 flew off the transom, and is buried in 15 feet of water under black muck - unrecoverable. The fiberglass on my transom is ripped up. I believe the clamps are defective. The motor was tightened down with quite a bit of torque before use. Extremely disappointed. If you have one of these, find a way to tie it to your boat or you might lose it.

Sweet Pea

Tampa Bay


Excellent design


I use this to bring my J22 back to harbor in the evening after races when the wind has died; it can be quickly mounted so it does not have to weight down the stern. It's also ideal for taking my wife out on days when there is no wind and she has the time off from work...there's nothing like keeping her involved in the boat to promote marital satisfaction and accord! The only thing I worry about is dropping it overboard when mounting; having an attachment point for a safety line would be a definite plus. The lack of readily available service stations may prove a problem, because it won't be simple to ship. Otherwise an elegant, even beautiful design.


Canandaigua, NY


not for day sailor


this motor lacks the power and battery life to safely power a 20 foot sailboat. if you have to fight any kind of wind with it it drains quickly, and can leave you stranded. beware!!!


san francisco, ca


So so awesome- with one reservation...


Wow- totally great! I bought this to replace the outboard on my Portland Pudgy dinghy, and to use on our inland lake/pond 14 foot aluminum fishing boat. Just pack it and take it back and forth as needed! Delivers great performance- 4.5 kt comfortably, and really is a gem in the 2-3.5 kt space, where the run time is hours. Have only used it three days now, and didn't get the dreaded E45 error until Day 3. Go figure. That is the ONLY thing that worries me, some of the odd deals that Torqeedo is still figuring out. But the concept is great, the execution is pretty great, and even with some minor issues I put it WAY above my Nissan 3.5hp outboard, which only has 15 hours on it- partially b/c its such a pain to maintain gasoline these days. Yes, the Lehr is out there with propane- but not in a long shaft and its still heavier and noisier. The fact that I can take this apart into 3 pieces and move it about easily is a wonder for my back and such. Really swift. Highly recommended thus far!

Sola Gratia

Anacortes, WA


Torqeedo Travel 1003 Electric Outboard Motors



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