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ACR SARLink 406 GPS PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)

The ACR SARLink 406 PLB is a compact, light-weight personal locator beacon that can be used anywhere in the world. When activated, it sends out a distress signal that tells rescuers both where and who you are. It utilizes three important features including a GPS, a very powerful 406 MHz signal to relay information, and a 121.5 MHz homing beacon that lets SAR know exactly where you are.

The SARLink 406 saves lives in the most dire of situations, and can easily fit in a pocket or pack. It differs from the AquaLink model in its compact size and weight, coupled with its non-buoyant casing.

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Locator Beacon Registration

It is mandatory that you register your PLB. It can be done easily at no charge at When activated, the unique identification code in your PLB is linked to the registration database. This way authorities can retrieve valuable information about you and your trip.

The SARLink is a satellite signaling device of last resort, for use when all other means of self rescue have been exhausted. Use when the situation is grave and imminent loss of life, limb, eyesight, or valuable property will occur without assistance.

ACR SARLink 406 Casing:

  • The most compact and lightweight model
  • Efficient design uses less power, requiring less battery weight
  • Operated simply by deploying antenna and turning on
  • Non-hazmat battery lasts for approximately 35 hours on average
  • Built-in, super bright LED strobe light increases visibility to Search and Rescue
  • Polycarbonate casing is a high-visibility yellow color and waterproof

SARLink 406 Distress Signaling:

  • When activated, onboard 66-channel parallel GPS acquires and transmits LAT/LON immediately to local SAR
  • Powerful 5 Watt, 406 MHz distress signal transmission can be used worldwide
  • Accurate 121.5 MHz homing capability for when SAR gets close
  • Self-test checks internal circuitry, battery voltage, and battery power
  • Allows for up to 12 long GPS acquisition tests per life of battery
  • Free PLB registration in most parts of the world, with no subscription fees
  • If beacon is ever used in a rescue, ACR Electronics will replace it, free of charge


BRAND: ACR Electronics
Type: Personal Locator Beacon
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