Taylor Made T3C Mooring Collar
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  • Taylor Made T3C Mooring Collar

Taylor Made T3C Mooring Collar

Hot-dip galvanized steel collar protects your Taylor Made T3C buoy from anchor chain damage, prolonging the life of the buoy. Steel collar acts as a stop against the top shackle, preventing it from pulling through and crushing buoy core.

Designed to work in combination with standard shackles. Mooring collars are sized to slip into the top of 2", 2-1/2" and 3" tube diameters.

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BRAND: Taylor Made
Type: Mooring Buoy Hardware
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Good Product, why is it not included with buoy?


These collars or chafe rings are required for the Taylor Made chain through mooring buoys. You must have them to prevent the chain wearing through the buoy. They should be included with the buoy. When you install them you need to secure them to the buoy somehow, Taylor Made does not provide instructions on how to do that. I used a polyurethane adhesive, but to do it properly requires careful preparation of the buoy plastic. The buoy is made of polyethylene and nothing sticks to it without proper preparation of the surface.


door county, wi


must buy with T3C mooring


Purchased the mooring collar when installing my first mooring in our neighborhood cove. Must have to pair with the T3C mooring buoy. Allows shackle to set directly atop the buoy without having to worry about it damaging the integrity of the buoy's flotation or pulling through the buoy and losing the whole setup alltogether. Once you spend the money to put together a whole mooring setup, would be crazy not to spend the extra [$] for this. Really, it should be standard with the buoy.


Crownsville, MD


Taylor Made T3C Mooring Collar



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