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Moeller Snap Tite Bailer Plugs

Snap-Tite Bailer Plugs seal drain tubes from the inside. Constructed with neoprene seals and brass and aluminum. They are similar to the turntite plugs, only snap-tite design has a locking mechanism making it more secure. These plugs work best inside of a boat and will not jar loose under vibration.

Snap Tite bailer plugs can also be used for mounting inside the bilge and scupper drains on the transom. Corrosion resistant construction seals well with brass drain tubes, and the plug's threaded center rod offers adjustment to cam action for tight seal.

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BRAND: Moeller
Type: Drain Plugs and Tubes
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A real nice tight fit. Easy to install and it works !


Drilled the transom according to specs and coated it with Total Boat 5:1 epoxy in the transom hole. Put a cork in it during installation to keep wet epoxy out of the brass drain tube.Install with the plug inside the boat.

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Moeller Snap Tite Bailer Plugs



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