Minn-Kota Motor Weedless Wedge Propellers
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Minn Kota Weedless Wedge Propellers

Minn-Kota Weedless Wedge propellers push weeds away and conserve battery power. Even at slow speeds, Weedless Wedge props power through heavy vegetation or cover. Available in four sizes.
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Item Number  Model No.  Prop No.  Motor Diameter  Prop Nut Kit 
MIN-1865003  MKP-6  2061125  3-1/4"  "A" 
MIN-1865006  MKP-7  2091150  3-5/8"  "A" 
MIN-1865007  MKP-8  2331120  4"  "B" 
MIN-1865013  MKP-24  2331130  4"  "D" 

MKP-6 Prop:
(Applicable Motor Models)

40PD V2, 40PD, 40AP, Edge 40, Edge 40/H, Endura 30, Endura 34, Endura 36, Endura 38, Endura 40, Endura Pro 32, Endura Pro 38, 40AT, 40AT/H, MAX 30T, MAX 36T, MAX 40T, Vector 40, Traxxis 40, Traxxis 40/SC

MKP-7 Prop:
(Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix "MK")

MAX 55, MAX 55/H, MAX 55/SC, MAX 50T, MAX 55T, 65PD, 50PD, 55PD, 55PD/AP, 55PD/US, 55AP, 55AP/US, 65AP, 65PD/AP, 65PD/US, 65AP/US, 54PD Pontoon, 64PD Pontoon, RT55/B/SC/L&D, RT55/B/L&D/3X, RT55/B/BG/3X, RT55/SC/H, RT55/AP, RT50/S, RT50/S/SC, RT55/S*, Endura 42, Endura 44, Endura 46, Endura 50, Endura 55, Endura PRO 46, CAMO 44, Vector 46, Vector 55, Vector 55/3X, Vector 65, Vector 65/3X

MKP-8 Prop:
(Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix "MK")

74PD, 74PD/AP, 74PD/AP/US, MAX 74, MAX 74/US, MAX 74/H, 64PD, Vantage 74

MKP-24 Prop:
(Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix "MK")

Max 101, Max 101/H, Vantage 101, RT101/S, RT101/S/3X, RT101/B, RT101/B/H, RT101/B/BG /3X, Vector 101/3X

BRAND: Minn Kota
Type: Propellers
5.0 4

Minn Kota prop


While these are plentiful locally and on line this was the best price I could find.




Minn Kota #7 prop


Shopped around and this is where I found the best price


Clarkston, Mi.


Fit is great


The replacement prop for a Minn Kota trolling motor I bought is awesome. No fit problems even for a fumble finger like me. I'm ready to use it now!

NH Guy

New Hampshire


Minn Kota Prop MK7


Good price [...] Great company to do business with.


Halifax Mass


Minn Kota Weedless Wedge Propellers



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