Bondo-Hair Long Strand Fiberglass Body Filler
Bondo Bondo Corporation
  • Bondo-Hair Long Strand Fiberglass Body Filler

Bondo-Hair Long Strand Fiberglass Body Filler

Bondo-Hair is formulated with long strands of chopped fiberglass for twice the strength of a regular body filler. Recommended for use on up to 1" rust holes, shattered fiberglass and dents where extra strength is required. Great for rebuilding missing pieces or auto/marine restoration work. Repairs fiberglass, metal and wood. Sandable in only 20 minutes and compatible with all fillers, primers and paints. Waterproof. Includes red cream hardener.
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BRAND: Bondo
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Type: Autobody Filler
3.5 2

Great filler...


Overall great product and very easy to use but I question its use in marine applications. I have repaired several canoes/boat hulls with this product and seemingly it has preformed well. My only question/comment is that it does not specifically say whether or not it is okay to cover with fiberglass.




Repair Sill Rot


I have rotten wood on the sill touching my foundation and will need to jack up the house and replace in a couple years. I used Bondo-Hair as a temporary patch to seal the rotten area after treating it with a rot-killer. I needed to take small clumps of the product at a time and mix it with the hardener which took some time and became messy toward the end, but the result was a waterproof seal that is very moldable before it sets. It's waterproof, doesn't shrink, and is extremely strong. Adheres to anything.


Sturbridge, MA


Bondo-Hair Long Strand Fiberglass Body Filler



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