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Bondo Fiberglass Resin

Bondo polyester resin is extremely strong and can be used to build most boats. Use Bondo polyester resin alone or with fiberglass tape, cloth or mat to repair damaged fiberglass boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, bathtubs and showers. It can also be used as a sealer on damaged and rotted wood. Bondo Fiberglass Resin seals concrete, is great on large or small metal rust-outs and joins most surfaces together while creating a strong, long lasting bond. Sandable in less than 2 hours. Compatible with all paints, including gelcoat and marine paints. Waterproof. Includes liquid hardener. Available in pints, quarts and gallons.
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BRAND: Bondo
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Rate Of Cure: 2 Hours
Type: Polyester Resin
3.7 3

buyer beware, spoiled product


After paying more for this product than I would have locally, the pint sent to me was spoiled. When I opened the can, there was a dried plug of resin. I punched through that only to find a discolored product that turned into an unusable jelly, when the activator was added. I have since then bought the same product for less at Walmart.( I thought I was getting something special from Jamestown, my bad) I have no problem with the product, my problem is with the quality control of Jamestown distributors. I could say more,but I don't think my comments will be published

super dave

Chico, CA


worked great i will buy again




grants pass OR.




i have been using marine fiberglass for auto body work since 1969 when i had a 61 corvette that was made of fiberglass. since then i use it for all auto body work. most auto parts stores don't carry marine fiberglass but only some gunk that has some fiberglass filler. i am writing for auto people, not boat people because boat people already know what i am saying.unlike auto body filler fiberglass wont soak up moisture if you leave it unpainted for a day or a week. because of this it also is usefull for filling places where you cannot reach the back to get a coat of paint on it. Fiberglass resin vs fiberglass gel is preferable because you can pour it and let it run down hill to where it is needed. Fiberglass can also be made to harden up quickly by just adding more hardener. Too much will make it brittle!!! Marine fiberglass sands and finishes easier that auto 'Bondo.' i have also used this for other repairs around the house like cracks in concrete, wood repairs, and i bet there are trillions (like the deficit) of things that fiberglass could be used for. finally, i am not allergic to fiberglass and it smells great.


brookpark, ohio


Bondo Fiberglass Resin



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