5 Twist Out Boat Deck Plate
Beckson Beckson watertight twist out deck plate
  • 5 Twist Out Boat Deck Plate
  • 5 inch Twist Out Boat Deck Plate
  • 5 inch Twist Out Boat Deck Plate

Beckson Twist-Out Watertight Deck Plate

Beckson twist-out watertight deck plates creates a watertight hatch to access voids. The circular hatch is watertight and secures easily with a twist. The 5" Deck Plate is designed to conceal its mounting fasteners under the wide flange of the quick twist cover. The low profile cover is self-centering, and quickly locks in place with a 1/8 twist.

Three separate sealing areas, each designed to chase water away from the plate opening, assure a watertight closure. The bayonet threads are non-jamming, self-cleaning and lift the center for easy removal.

$19.76 / ea
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BRAND: Beckson
Material: Plastic
Type: Deck Plates
5.0 3

Worked great


fit well




Like them very much!


Was much more impressed with the Beckson Deck Plates than other similar products because they seem more well made and less likely to get broken or crack. I was also happy that Jamestown provides the measurements of the deck plates and the opening needed before I ordered them so I knew they would fit before placing the order.


Dallas, TX


The best product for the job


The Beckson Twist-Out Watertight Deckplate is perfect for creating access points on the inner fiberglass shell of my 28' Cruiser. I find that boat manufacturers don't provide enough access to make repairs or install new equipment. I purchased these same deckplates for my previous boat and I would buy the same deckplates for my next boat. They are easy to install, watertight, easy to open, my hand easy fits through it, and they look great. Jamestown Distributors price could not be beat. Believe me, I tried. [...]


Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


Beckson Twist-Out Watertight Deck Plate



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