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GE Silicone I

GE Silicone I is a good one part mildew resistant general purpose silicone sealant. This sealant is water proof and great for sealing around home windows, tubs, sinks, and other joints. This product is not sandable or paintable. GE Silicone I is available in white, black, and clear. All colors come in 10 oz tubes that work with most caulk guns. This product is not recommended for below the water line.
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BRAND: GE Silicones
Material: Silicone
Strength: Good
Type: Adhesive Sealant
Usage: Sealing
5.0 1

Best silicone you can get


The black color can make fixes look factory new. A great fix all. Great to seal and bond to almost anything. Flexible like rubber. The best you can get. The new GE Silicone II is horrible. Doesn't come close, and will never buy it. Sad that GE no longer put is in stores. Stupid move on the part of GE.


Los Angeles


GE Silicone I



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