Epifanes Easy Flow Paint and Varnish Flow Enhancer
Epifanes Epifanes
  • Epifanes Easy Flow Paint and Varnish Flow Enhancer

Epifanes Easy Flow

Epifanes Easy-Flow is designed primarily as a flow enhancer, Easy Flow may also be used as a wood sealer or a rust inhibitor. Based on a selection of natural oils, Easy-Flow may be added at a rate of 5-10 percent by volume to all conventional single part and half synthetic paints and varnishes to improve the flowing characteristics in conditions that are less then ideal. Easy-Flow will extend the wet edge time and reduce the possibility of lap or brush marks.

Easy-Flow will inhibit rust when applied to ferrous metals. It has the ability to penetrate thin layers of rust, and makes an excellent base for subsequent coatings of rust preventing systems such as Epifanes Werdol Metal Primer.

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  • May be applied directly to bare wood as an impregnating wood sealer
  • May be substituted for thinner at up to 25% in wood primer to improve adhesion and protection


1000 ml Can
This item can not be shipped by air.
BRAND: Epifanes
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Additives
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