StarTron Gasoline Engine Fuel Treatment
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  • StarTron Gasoline Engine Fuel Treatment

StarTron Gasoline Engine Fuel Treatment

StarTron enzymatic fuel treatment reduces emissions, prevents fuel oxidation, and stabilizes fuel chemistry for at least 1 year. StarTron instantly cures jelling caused by cold weather and water in ethanol blended fuels. StarTron is suitable for use in boats, automobiles, trucks, RVs, tractors, farm equipment, generators, lawn mowers, lawn equipment, oil burning furnaces and all other small gasoline engines.
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Star Tron Gasoline Additive is available in two formulas for all gasoline engines:

  • Small Engine Formula (SEF) -- 143XX part numbers: 1 oz. Treats 6 Gallons
  • Standard Formula -- 930XX part numbers: 1 oz. Treats 16 Gallons


  • Unique enzyme formula improves performance of all engines
  • Improves combustion efficiency and fuel economy
  • Reduces emissions
  • Cleans entire fuel delivery system from tank to injectors and combustion chambers
  • Removes carbon deposits and prevents future deposits
  • Ideal for E10 / E15 / E20+ ethanol-blended gasoline
  • Stabilizes gasoline for up to two years
  • A "tune-up in a bottle"


Part Number  Application  Size (fl. oz.)  Gallons Treated 
STA-14301  Small Engine Formula (SEF)  Two - 1 oz. bottles  Treats up to 12 gallons 
STA-14308  Small Engine Formula (SEF)  8 oz.  Treats up to 48 gallons 
STA-93008  Standard Formula  8 oz.  Treats up to 128 gallons 
STA-93016  Standard Formula  16 oz.  Treats up to 256 gallons 
STA-93032  Standard Formula  32 oz.  Treats up to 512 gallons 

How does Star Tron's enzyme treatment formula work?

Star Brite Star Tron is a revolutionary fuel additive based on enzyme technology. Used correctly, it can prevent the problems associated with water content in fuel. Water can wind up in your gas or diesel fuel as a result of condensation in the tank. Because water is heavier than fuel, it sinks to the bottom of the tank and forms a distinct water layer. The fuel pick-up tube is located at the bottom of the tank so once this happens, water is supplied to your fuel pump. Since engines cannot burn water, they start to sputter and eventually stop running. In addition, water is corrosive so it deteriorates tank walls and metals in the fuel delivery system.

The enzymes in Startron prevent the water molecules that are in fuel from combining and forming a distinct water layer. Water is reduced to sub-micron size particles that cannot cause corrosion and are safely burned during normal combustion. The enzymes disperse water derived from normal condensation into microscopic clusters, and allows the water to pass through the fuel system and engine harmlessly, preventing the buildup on the tank bottom that can contribute to poor performance, fuel gelling and corrosion.

This de-watering effect prevents potential phase separation. If large amounts of water are already present it will be de-emulsified and drop out of the body of the fuel, improving overall fuel performance. Star Tron can also counter the effects of lost octane, greatly improving the combustion performance of E-10 fuel that has had water contamination.

Star Tron can also prevent filter plugging from old gum and varnish. The enzymes help break down the dislodged sludge and other deposits into sub-micron-sized particles that usually pass through the fuel filter and are burned away as part of the combustion process. Tank deposits that would cause gelling are solubilized so that fuel flows uninterrupted through the filters.

BRAND: Star brite
Fuel: Gasoline
Type: Fuel Additives
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Highly recommend StarTron Gasoline Engine Fuel Treatment


Been using this great product for over 15 years and I use it in my cars and muscle cars, diesel truck and all of mine small engines that I use around the house. I t stops the ill effects that ethanol causes to engines and fuel systems. Ethanol is no good and acts like a sponge and absorbs moisture. I use non ethanol gas now in everything along with Startron as Startron stops and wicks away moisture. It also keeps the valves and spark plugs clean as well as fuel injectors and carburetors. Best product on the market hands down.


Morrisonville, NY


Great price on a needed additive!


Thanks for great pricing!


South Jersey


Good product always use it.


Use at every fuel up




Great Product


Fantastic Product


Whitehall, MT


I have bought this many times & works.


Best additive out there to actually do what it claims it does. I use it in every vehicle I own including motorcycle & small engine equipment. It not only disipates moisture & makes a super stabilizer, it keeps my engines clean & nixes the ill effects that ethanol blended fuels can cause.




fuel treatment


Referred from Tv add and wanted to try. Happy with product

Big Bob

Peshtigo, Wi


Great stuff


I use it in all my gas engins, keeps varnish from building up. Last longer than Stable

Jon Boy



BEST New Product since the apple Ipod !


The product does EXACTLY as advertised / claimed .superior to anything that I have ever used !

Dick N.



Best product money can buy


Best product yet


Erie, Pa.


I would buy product again


helps engines run better


Old Hickory TN


StarTron Gasoline Engine Fuel Treatment



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