StarTron Fuel Tank Cleaner
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  • StarTron Fuel Tank Cleaner

StarTron Fuel Tank Cleaner

StarTron Fuel Tank Cleaner removes sludge and algae from gasoline and diesel tanks. This in turn slows the recurrence of new algae. StarTron's formula contains an enzyme that kills harmful byproducts that can contaminate fuel supplies or engines.
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  • 64 oz Treats up to 250 gallon capacity tank
  • 1 Gallon Treats up to 500 gallon capacity trank


BRAND: Star brite
Fuel: Gasoline or Diesel
Type: Fuel Additives
5.0 3

Excellent results


I use this in all my boats and lawn equipment. I had issues with my 4.3 I/O and when I checked my fuel / water separator I found water in it. I've been using Startron for four or five years now and I check the filter every fall for water and have found none.I have used it in my new hurricane boat with a 115 HP Yamaha from the start with the same results. Add it with every fillup and double dose it for winter. There may be other products out there with equal results but I have proven this one and will stick with it.


Winthrop, Maine


from 9 miles per gallon to 12.2 miles


incrediable and surprising the effect it had on my truck and motor home plus my boat with a v 6 engine thank you for coming up with this product


outside springfielg massachusetts


Great product


Easy to use. Protects against the detrimental effects of ethanol and fuel going bad. I use it in all my equipment: gas, diesel, 2 stroke and 4 stroke. I first used it to recondition old gas in a used boat that I purchased.


Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida


StarTron Fuel Tank Cleaner



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