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Groco BV Bronze Full-Flow Tri-Flange Base Seacocks

Groco BV Series Tri-Flange base, ball-type Seacocks

Bronze body with 316 stainless steel ball contacting PTFE seats and seals. Rugged, Marine construction features stainless steel stem and cast bronze handle. Field reversible handle allows you to select the closed position orientation (clockwise or counterclockwise) that best suits the installation.

Tri-Flange base and mount bolt pattern provide easy retrofit when replacing most popular brands. Bottom connections are NPS (straight thread); top connections are NPT (tapered thread); full pipe-size flow. Drain plugs on both sides for convenient winterization.

BV Series Valves are serviceable while installed, meeting USCG requirements for inspected vessels.

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Full-Flow Flanged Ball-Type Seacock

  • Tri-flange base and mount hole pattern provide easy retrofit when replacing most popular brands.
  • Patented selectable handle rotation
  • Handle has square hole to accept standard ratchet, to help reach valves in hard-to-reach locations and ease actuation of difficult to operate valves.
  • Full pipe-size flow.
  • Stainless steel ball and stem.
  • PTFE seats and seals.
  • Serviceable while installed.
  • Drain Plug on both sides.
  • Base has bonding attachment.
  • UL marine approval, Listed Sea Valve 647B


BRAND: Groco
Metal: Bronze
Type: Seacocks & Ball Valves
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Groco seacock


top of the line

Captn, Kirby Klys


well made valve


well made and obviously heavy duty. I needed to change which way the valve turned based on the mounting location in my boat and it was as easy as removing the stop nut and remounting it on the other side---there was no need to remove the handle or move any other part. I am confident that this bronze valve will hold up to the salt water that will no doubtedly be in my bilge!


New Jersey


Excellent Engineering


This seacock is well made and well engineered. Gives one a sense of confidence.


Boston, MA


Groco BV Bronze Full-Flow Tri-Flange Base Seacocks



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