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Bahco / Sandvik Cabinet Scraper

Bahco Swedish Cabinet Scrapers are handheld single edge blades used to smooth wood surfaces and remove paint, epoxy globs and drips. The 6 inch long blade requires no mounting handle, it is drawn towards you while pinched between fingers and thumb. Bahco (formerly Sandvik) blades are cold-rolled hardened and tempered chrome-nickel steel. It shapes to a keen burnished edge, and stays sharp while working the hardest stock. Each stands 2-1/2" tall. Sharpening instructions and white plastic edge protector for storage included.
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Sandvik Cabinet Scraper
Cabinet Scraper for carpentry work such as smoothing wood surfaces and removing old paint. Blade is cold-rolled hardened and tempered chrome-nickel steel.


  • Cabinet Scraper for carpentry work
  • Great for smoothing wood surfaces
  • Ideal for removing old paint
  • Excellent epoxy cleanup tool
  • Blade is cold-rolled hardened and tempered chrome-nickel steel
  • Sharpening instructions included


BRAND: Sandvik
Metal: Chrome
Type: Scrapers and Blades
3.0 2

Great Cleanup Tool!


This scraper works great for cured epoxy cleanup. Cleanly removes runs and drips without gouging the surface and requires minimal pressure. Have used it repeatedly on whaler restoration and various lamination projects without needing to sharpen, seems to hold it's edge very well.

Capt. Mike

Bristol, RI


Blades have been outsourced


I am a paint contractor, and have been using these blades for 15 years. I recently noticed my help asking for more blades than usual, and decided to put in my elbow grease... I used to get at minimum 40 hours from one blade (both sides) before deterioration. Now, it goes dull in 2!! Upon closer inspection of package I noticed some blades made in Spain, with the majority made in Taiwan! What happened to Scandinavia!!! I will NO LONGER SUPPORT THIS PRODUCT, EVEN AT A REDUCED PRICE.

Steve O



Bahco / Sandvik Cabinet Scraper



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