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3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound

3m Super Duty rubbing compound is recommended for heavy aggressive compounding of paint. It Clings to paint surface - remains wet on the job with little or no mess. Maintains a high rate of cut with constant pressure. Buffs to a high gloss with minimal swirl marks. This is the stuff for heavy oxidation!! Quart and gallon sizes are available. Can be used on your boat, car, truck or RV. (3m-05954 and 05955)
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Type: Rubbing Compounds
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good on heavy oxidation


used on 1984 sailboat. shines like new now. need to use machine. will cut through toughest oxidation. brings back color to old gelcoat also.

Lake sailor

Leesburg , FL


It works!


Bought a 1979 Oday sailboat for my wife and the hull and top decks were badly oxidized. Did the hull first and went over the hull twice and still could have done more. On the top decks that have baked in the sun for 29 years I wet sanded first with 150 grit wet-n-dry sand paper, then with the 3M Super Duty Compound. May go back to the hull with wet sanding and polish again after seeing how much the sanding helped. In other words it is a "super duty" comppound, but wet sanding first can save a lot of polishing if you have bad oxidation. Be carfulwith the sanding. There is only so much gelcoat.


Chattanooga, TN


3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound



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