Vetus Anti Siphon Device with Valve
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Vetus Anti Syphon Device with Valve

Vetus air vent ASD is an anti-siphon valve used for engine coolant plumbing. If the point where the cooling water is injected into the exhaust is less than 6" above the waterline, when the engine is stopped there is a risk of seawater siphoning into the exhaust system and engine.

To prevent water locked engines, these can be mounted at least 16" above the waterline.

Uses a self contained reliable anti-siphon pressure valve that requires minimal maintenance. Easily removes by hand for cleaning.

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BRAND: Vetus
Type: Vented Hose Loop
5.0 2

I would Recommend this product to anyone


I installed this product to protect my Gas Powered AC Generator. The syphon worked as specified and was easy to install.


Far Hills, NJ


Easy to install and reliable


Replaced existing anti-siphon that was leaking about 0.25 gal. The new version is much more reliable, no leaking or other issues. Easy to install (cut to fit existing hoses) and two screws to hold in place. The anti-siphon loop is also a breeze to clean. The cleaning kit (not provided) offers easy cleaning options and replacement parts for the loop. I would highly recommend this purchase if your current loop is providing you with problems. The new loop is installed on a Beneteau 373.


Annapolis, MD


Vetus Anti Syphon Device with Valve



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