3M Accuspray HVLP Spray Gun HG09
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  • 3M Accuspray HVLP Spray Gun HG09

3M Accuspray HVLP Spray Gun HG09

The 3M HG09 spray gun is a revolution in ease of use, accuracy and economical solutions to HVLP spray guns. The heart of this innovation is economical disposable nozzles which maintain a highly accurate spray pattern.

The nozzles can be discarded after use or cleaned up to 10 times before change-out depending on the required accuracy of the job. Eliminating the major wear points offers some important benefits: less solvent cleanup, less wasted cost in solvent and paint, a high degree of accuracy and major time savings after the job.

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The lightweight 11 ounce HVLP spray gun significantly reduces overspray, thus increasing efficiency and maximizing the amount of matrieal sprayed onto substrate and not wasted. Since this spray gun atomizes coatings @ 10psi or below, overspray is reduced and the amount of necessary sanding between coats is greatly reduced. Clear atomizing heads let you see the gun is clean should you choose to re-use the disposable nozzle (roughly 8-10 uses/ cleanings per head). The HG09 Spray Gun is great for spray gel coats, primers, urethanes, latex, topcoats and basecoats. With cleaner results and less wasted time and materials, this economical gun will earn it's place in your shop times over.


  • (1) Spray Gun
  • (3) Atomizing Heads
  • (1) Air Flow Control Valve


Type: HVLP Sprayers
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