Waveblade Submersible Power Barnacle Remover
Waveblade Waveblade
  • Waveblade Submersible Power Barnacle Remover

Waveblade Power Barnacle Remover

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The Waveblade is a revolutionary new hand held power tool that quickly removes barnacles and other growths from your boat. Its powerful oscillating blade clears barnacles effortlessly without damaging your boat's finish.

Use the interchangeable blades to remove hard biofoulings from running gear. Clear troublesome props, shafts, and struts at the touch of a button. You can also use it to remove rust easily and efficiently.

It's submersible up to 15 ft. A 45 ft power cord plugs into any 12v lighter style outlet. This lightweight, low maintenance tool saves time, money and effort.

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The included assortment of blades let you select the best blade for the job. Dive under the boat or pull your car up next to your hauled-out boat. The Waveblade quickly cleans fouled hulls anywhere.

Pack Includes:

  • (1) Waveblade with 45' cable
  • (1) 3" Black Steel Blade
  • (1) Black Steel Flat Chisel Blade
  • (2) Additional Foam Filters
  • (1) Safety Glasses
  • (1) Safety Gloves
  • (1) Waveblade Carry Bag


  • Patented Wave Technology incredible 4000cpm of wave power
  • Unique drive mechanism with powerful high-spec motor
  • Low voltage 12 Volts supplied with 45ft/13.7m cable
  • Quick and easy blade replacement
  • Waterproof to 15 Feet/4.5 meters replaceable filters for extended life
  • Sensitive touch momentary switch for safe on/off even with cold gloved hands
  • Protective aluminium knuckle guard
  • Ergonomic soft grip body prevents fatigue, adding comfort and extra grip for difficult conditions.
  • Lanyard attachment point for underwater use
  • Sprung steel scraper blade makes an ideal multipurpose blade for use on a number of substrates above the waterline such as metal, fibreglass and concrete.
  • Powerful oscillating head delivers an extreme punch of patented wave power
  • Simple blade changing designed with both above and below the water users in mind.


BRAND: Waveblade
Type: Barnacle Remover
3.1 12

Worked well for a while


I have owned two waveblades used exclusively underwater to clean my running gear in the bay of Sarasota, FL. Both units have functioned well for six or seven one hour sessions underwater. The units were meticuously washed with fresh water as per manufacturers recommendations after every use. Both units have completely frozen up and are now non-functional. I would like to have the manufacturer examine the units to see what defect has occurred.

B. Graham

Sarasota, FL


For use on dry land


Tool does a good job on light/ small hull growth. Mine experienced water intrusion and failed after about 12 uses.


Tidewater, Va


Lost Locking Collar


Ordered in September and used for the first time this week. The locking collar came off after 20 minutes and the locking collar and blade went to the bottom. I was able to recover the blade but not the locking collar. I submitted a support ticket on the Waveblade site and haven't received a response. I called Jamestown Distributors and they don't have a replacement locking collar. Also there is not a US phone number for Waveblade. The Waveblade works great but if you have an issue with it you may be out of luckAlso, the power button location makes it awkward to use.


St Petersburg, FL


Very Helpful


Took a while but I finally got under the boat to use this tool. Tried it at the pier first to make sure it wouldn't drain the batteries too far to start again - it didn't. Removed some pretty heavy growth from the rudder, prop and shaft - did it with ease. Applied some thread lock to the set screw before I started, ran the tool for about 20 minutes and it never got loose. Worked really well.


Hawaii Kai, HI


"Waveblade Is Great Except"


I purchased a waveblade and on the first use the locking collar came off and I almost lost it. The second time I used it the collar fell off again and this time it was lost on the bottom. So that ended my boat cleaning right there. I not only lost the collar I also lost the blade. I ordered 2 blades and 2 collars from Waveblade. I received an email saying they were out of locking collars and didn't know when they would get any. I contacted Jamestown and they didn't have them either. The parts I ordered totaled I've $100.00. I called waveblade and told them they needed to make changes to the locking collar. I was told they changed the locking collar on their Shark model which cost $1,000.00 but there was no change in site for the waveblade. Beware of this problem. The tool does work great till the locking collar falls off.


San Antonio, TX


Very low power


Attempted to scrape barnacles but tool stalled every time I put it to the work area. It would take forever to complete any sizable job, thanks to jamestown distributors for their no hassle return policy, will definitely do business with them again.


Biloxi, MS


Blade retention collar design flaw


I don't use power all the time. Sometimes scraping with power off works fine. Strongly cemented shells are the best use for the tool. Also some seaweeds are removed better than with power off. Using power all the time is not necessary. I see a design flaw, or I should have been warned. The continuous vibration can(Did) cause the allen screw to work lose. My blade and collar came off. I saved the blade, but the collar disappeared in the muck below. LOST $22 for a replacement. Not too happy. Recommendation-depends


San Diego Harbor

It works great!


It takes just a little time using WB to master getting great results. Just let the WB do the work, do not apply to much pressure. There is a learning curve with using it. Just vary the angles and directions while moving over surface. This is the key to getting the WB to remove growth fast and with best results. It beats using a hand scraper.


Washington, NC


Works great!


This tool is a must have if you need to clean props in the water.I just cleaned a large 3 bladed prop with 1.5" thick fouling layer over the whole prop. The job was done fast with every bit of fouling removed and with little effort. In fact the tool works best when you do not push on it. Just a gentle touch and 3 inch square hunks of barnacles start falling off.


Vero Beach,Fl


WaveBlade really works like a champ !


I had let the running gear on my 47 ft. twin screw former LaFitte shrimp trawler slide until it was heavily fouled with half inch barnacles, calcarous tube worms and especially flat oysters up to two inches in diameter like those that encrust pilings and seawalls here in South Florida. As a former commercial inspection and ship hull cleaning/prop polishing diver, I was skeptical at first that the Waveblade would really be effective at removing such growth but guess what, it was very effective at removing even the tough oysters. My buddy who was helping by hand scraping with a putty knife would motion me over to remove stubborn oysters with the Waveblade that he had been beating on with the putty knife. I did put a hose clamp over the switch and tightened it until the unit came on and stayed on. The Waveblade ran continuously for over two hours underwater with no problems. Once you catch on to relax and let the tool do the work and that less pressure is better and find the best angle for the blade you can really effectively remove even heavy fouling. It's fantastic at cleaning keel coolers and the spaces between the cooler fins. Using the Waveblade I got out shells and barnacles that have probably been there for years that the boatyard had missed. Waveblade is powerful enough to do the job without the worry of doing any damage. The tool more than paid for itself the first time out. There is a sense of satisfaction watching all the crud come off fairly effortlessly. I'm guessing it's sort of an ultrasonic vibration action along with the mechanical scraping of the blade that removes the encrustation. It sure beats putty knifes and scrapers.


South Florida,


Waveblade Power Barnacle Remover



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