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Drainman Nature Powered Bilge Pump

The Drainman bilge pump runs on nature alone. Wind and waves cause a tug and pull effect on your boat's mooring line. The Drainman uses this energy to pump out water from your bilge. No electricity and no wiring required. This innovative design can pump up to 660 gallons of water per day. It's easy to install, handy to carry, and locks in place.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Pump out bilge water without electricity.
  • Powered by nature working with the waves and the wind
  • Vigilantly pumps water overboard while you're away, needing only breeze and wave power
  • No motors to burn out, impellers to damage or drained batteries.

Pump Components

  • Pump with heavy duty straps capable of up to 1 ton of force
  • 10 ft of drain hose
  • Seive and weight for pickup end of hose
  • Requires shackles, snap or lock to secure pump between boat and mooring pendant

Extension hose available

  • For installation requiring a longer hose, a 10 ft extension hose is available
  • Extension hose includes splice fitting to join existing 10 ft.


The Drainman is a fully automatic bilge pump, powered by the tug on the moorings created when the boat moves with the wind and waves. The Drainman's capacity is enormous; powered entirely by the movement of the mooring line, it can pump up to 2,500 litres of water per day (550 UK gallons or 660 US gallons per day). The Drainman is made from rugged materials with a tensile strength of up to 10,000 Newton. The Drainman is a reliable companion when you have grown tired of marine covers or of constant bailing.

Easy to Install and Carry

1. The Drainman features two loops, one on either side. One loop is connected to a mooring line by means of a shackle or a snap-hook, the line is then attached to the mooring point, for instance on a jetty. Mooring springs should not be used.

2. The loop on the other side is connected to the boat, using a shackle or a snap-hook, such that the Drainman is attached between the boat and the mooring point. Make sure that the hose and label are facing up when installing, and that the pump is kept above the surface of the water.

3. Place the sieve of the suction hose in the lowest point of the boat (the keelson), where it can easily drain the water. For increased stability, a weight may be placed at the end of the suction sieve loop.

BRAND: Drainman
Type: Bilge Pumps and Accessories
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Alas our mores sailboat did not rock enough to make this work so we will still have to pump it out by hand after rainstorms. However it works great for the boat that is tied to the dock on whips. I love the simple solution. Definitely get the extra hose with it




The Jury Is Still Out


Product does what is says, but it is a bit pricey for all the materials involved. It requires that you rig ad addition line from dock/piling to boat for this device. This is a supernumerary as far a docking lines go: Don't depend on it for primary vessel control. The DrainMan line should be shorter and under more tension than one of the dock lines, so the DockMan line experiences the most wave action. No wave action, no pumping.



Clever Device


Use it to keep a small moored sailboat bailed out.

Robin Hood

Lake George, NY


Drainman keeps me out of the dinghy


Works well when towing the dinghy to keep it empty and when on the hook. At my the dock there is not enough movement to let it work, but it is well protected.


Alva Florida


I'll take a few more of these!


This will be great for my boat as nature keeps my bilge dry.It's mid-May but the ice is still on the lake as it has been a very late spring here in Alaska.

Pat the Rat

Nikiski, Alaska


This won't work if your boat isn't heavy


I have an open cockpit Point Jude 15 ft sailboat on a mooring so I thought this product would be great, but it did nothing. between the fact that my boat is light and sits on a quiet anchorage, there wasn't enough pulling power to make the pump work. they need to make this adjustable to different levels of sensitivity.


East Greenwich RI


Drainman KICKS BUT


Drainman saves me time, effort, and electricty (read Cash). I would recomend the Drainman wholeheartedly. Ecellent value.




Great Backup


This pump is a great back-up incase my electric fails, or if my battery dies.


Grand Cayman


A Great Product


The Drainman was easy to install, and worked as advertised with enough wind and wave action to operate the pump. Naturally, I have more water in my boat on a rough day, when the drainman performs at its best. I use it whenever I'll be away from the boat for an extended period of time; it offers extra peace of mind, and a backup plan in the event my batteries die and the bilge pumps don't work.


Portsmouth, NH


Great Concept!


What a great idea. This pump kept my 13' Whaler nice and dry while it sat at my dock during the week. The best part is, since it does not run off of power, I didn't have to worry about my battery getting drained, like it had from other "automatic" bilge pumps.

Carbon Tom

Bass River, MA


Drainman Nature Powered Bilge Pump



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