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Torqeedo Rollable Solar Panel Charger 45W

The Torqeedo Rollable Solar Panel Charger is rollable, extremely weatherproof, and specifically designed for marine use. The 1130 solar panel features plug-n-play connectors for waterproof charging with Ultralight and Travel 503/1003 electric motor models.

Simply plug the 1130 solar panel directly into your Ultralight or Travel 503/1003 battery and charge your battery wherever you want - even while operating your motor.

Unrolled: 58 x 36 inches

Rolled: 39.4 x 6.3 inches

Includes a casing for easy transport and storage.

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Technical details

  • Output power: Under typical sun exposure in North America and Europe, output powers of 40-45 W can be expected
  • Cell type: Amorphous Silicon
  • Efficiency: Cell efficiency 7.0%, module efficiency 5.5%
  • Voltage: open circuit voltage 44 Volts
  • Charging options: The batteries of the Travel 503/1003 models can be solar charged while not in use, as well as during operation.
  • Charging time from 0% to 100% charge: The 320 Wh battery of Ultralight & Travel 503 series will charge in approx. 8 hours; the 520 Wh battery of the Travel 1003 series will charge in approx. 13 hours
  • Compatibility/plugs: works with other 24 V electric devices; comes with extension cable and 2.5 mm ID barrel plug; will fit onto Ultralight & Travel 503/1003 models.
  • Weatherproof: Connections between solar charger and Torqeedo batteries are completely waterproof to allow for safe charging during operation on the water without any risk for galvanic corrosion.
  • Power guarantee: Limited warranty of 2 years refers to 80% of specified power.

Key Features

  • Simple plug-n-play charging for Travel and Ultralight models
  • Rollable with casing for easy transport and storage
  • Extremely weatherproof: Successfully tested in full salt water immersion
  • Extreme durability to match all conditions
  • High efficiency performance even in low light conditions or when partially shaded.
  • Environmentally friendly materials


BRAND: Torqeedo
Type: Solar Power
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No customer service from Jamestown Distr


I live in SF Bay Area. We have good sunshine most of the year. The solar panel charged my Torqeedo 1003S battery in 2 days in my backyard. The problem I am having is that wire from the solar panel is loose and it is not screwing on the Torqeedo battery. Therefore I cannot use it on the boat while tilling the motor on the water. The sucky part is poor customer service from Jamestown Distributors - no reply to my email, phone calls forwarded to voice mail that no one answers. The billing was wrong, since Jamestown inventory system was inaccurate and some items were backordered. I cancelled the backordered items but still got charged for the shipping and handling of the items that I never received. No way to do business. I am not a happy camper.


Santa Clara, CA


Torqeedo Rollable Solar Panel Charger 45W



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